How old is too old for trick or treating?


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Chesapeake Virginia looks into removing a law that bans and punishes kids who trick-or-treat over the age of 14.

Morgan McDonnel, Entertainment Editor

Year round, kids of all ages from all over look forward to the one night a year where piles of free candy are up for grabs. But there always comes a time when trick-or-treating slowly fades and the excitement for the holiday tapers off. 

Growing up, Halloween is made into a really big deal. The costume, the candy and the houses who hand out the biggest candy bars matter a lot. Parents capture pictures from the first Halloween and all the way until the last.

As the years go by, there comes a time when trick-or-treating ends, but no one really knows when that time is until it happens. In most cases, you go trick-or-treating one year and the next you don’t and that’s that. However, this was not the case in Chesapeake, Virginia, where lawmakers decided for the kids.

In the 70’s Chesapeake came together and put a law in place that set an age restriction on the widely loved night of Halloween. 

Time Magazine spoke with mayor Richard West, who confirmed to be completely against the law. 

“We didn’t even know it existed until it went viral last Halloween,” said West.

With people in shock, the law went viral on twitter and on national television shows. Chesapeake has looked into removing the law altogether, considering it highly unnecessary. The mayor, as well as the rest of the town, are all in agreement that trick-or-treating is a personal decision.

Despite what everyone believes, no one is too old for trick-or-treating, even if that means acquiring a class four misdemeanor.