‘Super six’ lead Pats to first softball championship in over 10 years


Provided by LHS Softball

The LHS softball team poses for pictures after claiming its second State championship in SD history.

After a tough 7-6 loss at the hands of the RHS softball team in the championship last season, LHS avenged its loss with a 10-2 victory over the Rough Riders this season in the State championship.

With valuable experience from the self-proclaimed “super six” seniors, Abbie and Annie Klatt, Jada Mindt, Millie Mueller, Emma Osmundson and Taylor Raak, LHS softball was able to claim its

Provided by LHS Softball
Senior Emma Osmundson gets ready on defense.

first State championship since 2007. The senior leadership on the team was invaluable as LHS had seniors up and down the lineup to lead the underclassmen.

“[The seniors] were leaders and we had a close relationship with other players on the field, like the juniors and sophomores,” said Raak. “We each had a time where we could step up in a big part of the game with two outs. One of us would always step up and it was good to show the underclassmen what it was to be a leader.”

Before and during the season, the team worked hard with the sole purpose of flipping the script and coming out on top with their second-ever State title. 

“Before our first games, we practiced really hard,” said Raak. “We went through situations that were similar to last year’s championship game so we knew what was coming. We practiced hitting tough pitches we might see during the season and we remained calm and kept a good attitude knowing that anything could happen at the end of the season.”

Provided by LHS Softball
The LHS softball team celebrates with the State championship trophy.

With this winning mentality, the LHS softball team was able to finish the season (including the tournament) with an astounding 27-1 record. The 7-6 loss against RHS the previous season was the main fuel to the team’s run. They even hung up a sign in the dugout that read “7-6 Play like a champion,” showing the team’s dedication to reversing the tides and winning State. Throughout the season, the team was able to overcome almost any deficit (in the rare case they were losing), including one in its second game at the State tournament against Rapid City Central.

“We never panicked when we were losing,” said Mindt. “We just knew we could come back and we did.”

Along with this winning mindset, the team made sure to keep a calm and confident disposition without being too cocky.

“I’m proud because we finally pulled off a win and we were confident about it,” said Raak. “We weren’t cocky, we just remained humble and knew that whatever happened it was our last year, so we tried our hardest to go out with a win.”

Although the team is happy with winning State, it will be difficult to let go of the seniors and rebuild for next season. With the junior varsity team claiming third at its State tournament and many sophomores and juniors returning next season, LHS may once again be in contention for a title.

“The main thing that’s bittersweet is that you won’t be able to play with your friends anymore,” said Mindt. “Us six seniors had fun and we were close… but the super six will live on.”

The 2019 “super six” and the LHS softball team will live on in the history books, bringing life to a program in a championship drought.