Embarrassing things we all do


Lilli Eppinga

Embarrassing moments are inevitable in every day life; they are simply unavoidable.

Lilli Eppinga, Staff Writer


There are some instances in life that are simply unavoidable, no matter how hard we try to be perfect or to minimize our mistakes. Luckily, there are people all over the world experiencing these embarrassing, cringe-worthy moments. So trust me, you are not alone. 

1. Waving at someone who wasn’t waving at you

You realize too late that, by the look on their face and the person waving behind you, the greeting definitely wasn’t meant for you. Now you’ve wounded up looking silly and kind of like a loner. 

2. Getting caught checking yourself out in a window reflection

We all do it to make sure each hair is in place or there isn’t something in our teeth, but what’s really painful is when someone notices the minuscule self-conceited moment. Or worse, when they make eye contact with your reflection. 

3. Having a mini-concert in your car

Jamming out is an essential part of life. Period. It’s completely acceptable when you’re doing it with friends or family, but getting caught in your imaginary concert at a stoplight is a different story. 

4. Talking to your pet like it can talk back to you

We are able to form some sort of special bond with our pets, especially dogs, where we become comfortable enough to ask them questions or tell them all your problems. “What do you need?” You ask them. Or the more common “why are you so cute?” Either way, if someone overhears it, you’re at risk for sounding insane. 

5. Sprinting up the stairs after turning off the basement lights

We all know that once it’s dark, a monster or murderer won’t suddenly appear and chase after us, but I’m sure we all find ourselves walking increasingly fast up the stairs after seeing the void of darkness leading to the scary basement. 

6. Pretending not to see someone in public that you don’t like

“Did they see me?” You wonder to yourself. “Hopefully they didn’t see me. I’ll just keep walking.” Let’s be honest, they definitely saw you.

7. Yelling at the TV screen

It’s hard not to, especially when Derek Shepherd dies or Michael Scott decides he’s moving to Colorado. But most of all, when your favorite character does something absolutely stupid and makes the wrong decision when, according to you, there is clearly a right one. Keep in mind, however, that these are fictional characters following a script and they can’t hear you, no matter how loud you yell. 

8. Your music starts playing before you’ve plugged in your earbuds

Sometimes the plugin doesn’t go in the phone all the way. Other times you just forgot to put the earbuds in all together. Either way, it’s incredibly embarrassing when your Miley Cyrus song is heard by everyone in the room. 

9. Talking to yourself

Maybe you’re practicing a speech, laughing at yourself, or mumbling some frustrated words under your breath, but no matter the circumstance, it’s always embarrassing when someone overhears your private conversation with yourself. You not only look crazy but also clueless.

10. Missing a step or stumbling in public

You’re walking down the hall or the sidewalk, minding your own business when suddenly you stumble over your own foot. Or maybe you’re walking down the steps and you misperceive one so your leg takes a huge leap while you’re surrounded by people. There’s nothing worse than stumbling in front of people you know, but aren’t friends with.