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People these days rely on autocorrect too much resulting in frequent poor spelling.

Charley Lockwood-Powell, Staff Writer

Do you ever just rush through writing and look back at what you wrote, just to find about 1,000 misspelled words? Yeah, same. Speaking the language and writing the language are two totally different things to me. I don’t mispronounce definitely but most of the time I misspell it. After completing almost 11 years of school and countless hours of writing essays and writing in notebooks, I still have trouble spelling simple words. Some of these words are more devious than they look. Some have silent letters. Don’t even ask me how that makes sense. Yes, the English language is filled with many problematic words to spell, but for me, it is some of the easy words that I get tripped up on. 

Computers, tablets and phones take out the need to check your spelling after you write because they check your spelling for you. While this is an innovation in technology, it also may be holding people back from really knowing how to spell words correctly. For most of my life in school, I have had a computer telling me how to spell complicated words. This may be one of the reasons why I can’t spell those words well while writing essays by hand. As more and more people start writing everything on computers, the need for spelling slowly fades away.

Spelling is a complicated task for some students because they have grown up in the spell-check world and when they get a piece of real paper in front of them, they butcher words as easy as ‘Tuesday.’ I also bank off of spell check to make sure that I have everything spelled correctly, and that’s probably the reason I am so lousy at spelling. 


When writing on a computer, I am pretty good at spelling, just because I am able to see the red line and see that a word is misspelled. When I write on paper, it is a completely different story because I have trouble deciding whether I should just slaughter the word and wing it or try to sound it out. There is no in-between. 

These are some of the words that I misspell on a regular basis. Please don’t judge me.










Mezmorize( Mesmerize)