LHS moms: the two in one package


Adyson Sand

Ella Westaby taking advantage of the concession corner in Cindy Cummins’ room.

Snacks, a welcoming room and open arms are three requirements of an adored, “teacher mom.” Teacher moms are known as the women who treat their students like their own children, and dish out emotional support whenever it is needed. Two teachers in the LHS building check all of these boxes and have made huge hits with their students.

Cindy Cummins and Regan Meyer have won over the hearts of many students due to their kind attributes and giving character. The adoration that students have for these two ladies is strongly portrayed through the constant traffic of kids during a class. Cummins and Meyer rarely experience a quiet classroom, yet they manage to keep their sanity and prioritize their students before nearly anything- all qualities a good, “teacher mom” obtains. 

Cummins fulfills her, “teacher mom” title by providing a non-profit mini classroom concession corner for students in her class, where she offers a variety of snacks each for a quarter. Cummins tries to understand the struggles of a high school student and does her best to make those seven hours of school a little more bearable.

“I feel that when students are distracted by hunger, it is hard to focus, so if I can provide a cheap snack to kids that help them get through the period, I will,” said Cummins.

Meyer primarily attained her, “teacher mom” title by keeping her doors open at all times. Room A124 is a safe space where Meyer urges her kids to be themselves. Many students gather during their study hall, WIN-time or in the morning to talk with Meyer and de-stress. This type of openness and reliability is the perfect definition of a “teacher mom.” 

“I am always here to listen if someone needs to talk and I provide a judgment-free zone.”  said Meyer. “I consider these kids my own and I think that is what gained me this title.” 

These two teachers have an impactful presence at LHS and will always do what is best for their students. The selflessness and consideration that Meyer and Cummins pour into the school allows LHS to flourish. Ella Westaby, a prior student to both Meyer and Cummins, believes these women have changed her high school years for the better and she will continue to feel accepted in their classrooms. 

“Both Meyer and Cummins are dependable and trustworthy people who always have my best interest in mind,”  said Westaby. “They have absolutely impacted my years at LHS, and I consider them to be the best part of my day.”