Chess Club continues to grow


David Lapetina

Chess Club meets in Mr. Ferry’s room, A204, after school on Tuesdays until 4:30.

Daniel Bethke, Perspectives Editor

While LHS has several clubs and activities, one that has become increasingly prevalent, especially on the morning announcements, is Chess Club.

Spearheaded by sophomore Jackson Paslay, Chess Club was created last year. Paslay created the club due to his passion for chess; he has been interested in chess for several years to date. His goal in the creation of Chess Club was to help educate future chess players and bring people into the world of chess.

“Chess often times appears to be quite complex, but in reality it becomes quite simple once you understand the basic moves,”  said Paslay. “Overtime, people will gain more understanding of chess.”

Paslay seeks to create a vibrant and exciting club environment that brings in people from all across the school. For him, Chess Club would ideally diverge into two sects meeting on the same day: a competitive group that attends competitions, and a more casual group that attends just for fun. Paslay believes that South Dakota chess has recently faltered and fallen, and through Chess Club, he hopes to revitalize at least some of the South Dakota competitive chess environment.

“Competitive chess can be fun, but at the same time, some people just want to play some chess to unwind,” said Paslay. “Chess to me fits for both [groups] of people.”

While Paslay believes that Chess Club had a slow start this year, he generally has large plans for the future of the club, as well as major aspirations for integrating it into a larger South Dakota Competitive Chess group. Paslay believes one way to accomplish this is to dramatically increase Chess Club attendance by encouraging people to join.

“I think people should join because chess can be a great social outlet. My only rule is simple: be nice and respectful to others,” said Paslay. “Chess Club truly is a place to relax, and I really don’t think there’s another club like that.”

For those who are interested, Chess Club meets in Mr. Ferry’s room, A204, after school on Tuesdays until 4:30 (Paslay believes this timeframe is ample for anyone who seeks to attend another club the same day).

“Once you understand how to play, it becomes a nice, relaxing activity while simultaneously a productive… one. To me, that’s a fantastic combination,” said Paslay.