February sucks. Change my mind


Sean Purdy

February is by far the worst month of the entire year.

Caleb Hiatt, Staff Writer

Every month of the year has something that makes it great. December has Christmas, November has Thanksgiving, October has Halloween and so on. The only month that pales in comparison to all other months is February. February sucks, especially for those who live in the midwest.

February is always cold and never fails to bring at least two blizzards. Last year, in Sioux Falls, the average low was nine degrees with 17 days reaching below zero and only one above freezing. Also last year there were back to back snowstorms on the 19th and 20th. Sioux Falls even broke a record for most snow before 8 A.M. with 7.2 inches.

Some might say Valentine’s day is its redeeming factor, however, Valentine’s day is by far the worst holiday. Valentine’s day is all about love and romance but its exclusive nature makes for an abundance of depressed single people curled up alone eating BBQ potato chips while listening to heart-rendering Post Malone songs like “I Fall Apart.” Or maybe that’s just me. 

Anyways, February may be the shortest month but it definitely feels like the longest. The days seem to all drag on and blend together due to the lack of sunshine and overwhelming cold. The only redeeming quality about February is the Super Bowl, which typically takes place at the very beginning of the month, but aside from that, there are no major sporting events whatsoever. The next big sporting event isn’t until late March when March Madness, the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament.

Even the spelling of February is completely and utterly stupid. “Why is there an ‘R’ after the ‘B?’ Why can’t it be spelled ‘Febuary’ as it should be?” These two questions will always boggle my mind. 

Some might say that the other months with no real holidays such as September or August are the worst, yet these months still include the best season: summer. Plus September also ends with the second-best season which is fall. 

February is the worst and no one can change my mind. Try… I dare you.