Kobe Bryant 8 vs 24


Wikimedia Commons/Kobe Bryant

From 1996-2006 Kobe Bryant wore two number 8 and from 2007-2017 Bryant wore number 24.

Carson Woods, Staff Writer

   Since 2017, there has been a debate about which number Bryant was wearing at the peak of his career. Was it number 24 or was it number 8? Bryant wore both of his numbers for 10 years. Many people would argue that Bryant was better as number 8 but many others would make a case that he was better as number 24. 

   Bryant’s stats show that the 10 seasons he wore each jersey were pretty close in comparison. According to nba.com, from Bryant’s rookie year in 1996 to 2006, the year he switched, he won three NBA championships. Bryant also tallied 16,866 points throughout those 10 seasons. During those, he also made eight all-star game appearances and won a scoring title, meaning he had the highest scoring average in a season. For the next 10 seasons in which Bryant wore the number 24, he won two NBA championships and made nine all-star game appearances. Bryant also tallied 16,178 points throughout these 10 seasons. He also won another scoring title and even added a league MVP to his resume.

   While wearing number 24 he averaged more points, more rebounds and more assists. He did all this without Shaquille O’Neal, who at that time was widely known as the best player in the NBA and one of the most dominant to ever play. Also, while Bryant wore the number 24, he was more efficient in almost every category. Bryant won a finals MVP two more times and made three more All-NBA team appearances while wearing 24.

   If stats were to decide which number is better, then it could come down to the person and what stats they think are most important.But if it was up to Bryant, he said he would go with number 24 according to ESPN.com. Bryant was a much better player all around while wearing number 24. Bryant persevered through injuries and much more and still through all that molded himself into a basketball legend.