Upcoming changes to LHS


Sioux Falls School District

The front of Lincoln High school.

Olivia Brost, Staff Writer

With the end of the  2019-20 school year creeping around the corner, we prepare to say goodbye to the seniors and welcome the incoming freshman to LHS. The moving of students from grade to grade can be considered one of the main changes for some students, but with a new school year approaching and the brainstorming of new ideas on how to better our school, it is uncertain what could be on the way.

Within the past year, Dr. Laura Raeder became our principal and introduced us to a 40-minute study hall known as  “WIN period”, which has become an overall favorite among students. The privilege of using earbuds in the hallways has also been returned to the students but the policy of not being able to wear hats and hoods in the school has remained constant. 

“There honestly are not a lot of changes,” said Raeder. “There will, of course, be faculty changes, because there always is.”

When it comes to the debate of keeping ad room or getting rid of it, some students are at crossroads on how they feel. Most juniors and seniors have more of a connection with their ad rooms up until two years ago you would attend that period every day. On the other end, most sophomores and freshmen do not have as strong of a bond with their teacher or class considering they only see each other once a week. Some students enjoy ad room because they get the chance to interact with people they might not typically talk to, but some just feel the dread of the 15 minutes of awkwardness. 

“We are talking about ad room changes,” said Raeder. “Some students, like freshmen and sophomores, don’t have much of a connection with their ad rooms since we only have it once a week. It does kinda feel like 15 minutes of awkwardness, and I don’t want anyone to feel that way. So, do we get rid of ad room completely and just make it WIN time? But regardless we would have to meet in ad rooms at least seven times a year.”

In terms of next year, Raeder has many hopes for what could come. 

“It might be nice for LHS to not have a change considering there have been so many administration changes,” said Raeder. “For our seniors, I am their third principal. Maybe the change is we get the State championship in all the events. Football, both basketballs, all the tennis, gymnastics, all the wrestling. That would be a spectacular change.”