‘The Platform’: a miss for Netflix

“The Platform” is a recently released Netflix movie that has fans underwhelmed.


“The Platform” is a recently released Netflix movie that has fans underwhelmed.

Anna Engels, Staff Writer

The newly released movie, “The Platform” on Netflix had many fans anxious to see this original plot put on screen, but once it came out, this gory film was soon referred to as a “miss” by many viewers. 

“The Platform” was released to the public on Sept. 16, 2019, but was recently added to Netflix on Feb. 21, 2020. The overall idea of this film was brilliant. This Spanish movie starts off with the main character, Goreng, waking up on level 48 of a jail with countless levels of inmates and his own, Sr. Brambang. As Sr. Brambang annoyingly answers Goreng’s countless questions, Goreng finds out that Sr. Brambang was not in this jail willingly as he was. He was in for murder and coincidently brought a knife as his one “item” which was no match for Goreng’s book. Not long after his questions had been answered, Goreng realizes level 48 is not too bad, as there is still enough food left on the platform to survive after traveling down from level one through the center of each floor. After a month on each level, the inmates are gassed in their sleep and wake up on a new level. Although when awoke the next day and found out to be on level 171, Goreng is tied down by his own bedsheets and Sr. Brambang explains they will not get food this far down. Thus leading to Sr. Brambang threatening to cut off his flesh for survival. Goreng spends this movie trying to survive and to send a message to the creator of this inhumane jail. 

Although this gruesome thriller has an intriguing plot and high-quality filming, this movie has many flaws and is not for specific viewers. “The Platform” is rated TV-MA, but considering that there is suicide, violence, profanity, nudity and gore, this movie should be rated to a higher extent. This is not to mention that this movie was originally made with Spanish speakers, so the actors’ lips do not match what they are saying throughout the whole movie, making it very distracting for the audience.

Yet “The Platform” had a thrilling storyline, it is not for anyone that does not like blood or gruesome content. With the distraction of the original Spanish actors, this movie could have had some major improvements that would make it more enjoyable to watch, including a more satisfying ending.