LHS’ volleyball team 2020 game plan


Jordan LeMaster

This was 2019 LHS varisty volleyball team. Taken pre-season by Jordan LeMaster.

Anna Engels, Staff Writer

The start of 2020 was a bit of a rocky road and still is, but the LHS volleyball team is not letting this unfortunate experience ruin their dreams and expectations for their upcoming season. 

Second-year, varsity and head coach Erin Temple, cannot wait for this year’s season to start and is excited to get the ball rolling on her court. With numerous goals for her team, Temple is eager for the Pats to prove to everyone that they can get even further than they were last year.  

“Our mindset this season is to grow and improve from last season. Going to state for the first time in three years was a great achievement. Having said that, our program was not satisfied with our eighth-place finish. Our mindset is to return to the State tournament and grow from last year’s games. We are hungry for more,” said Temple. 

High goals for the volleyball team comes with hard work. With closed facilities and social distancing in place, it has been hard for all athletes to prepare for their upcoming seasons. Although these are difficult times for everyone, the volleyball team is determined to get creative and to stay busy for the soon-coming tryouts. 

“I am proud of our team for staying dedicated and motivated during this time. Many of the girls have been doing wall setting, wall passing, peppering off of a board, practicing blocking against the garages and playing with others even if it’s their moms and dads. The girls are also staying active by going on runs, bike rides and doing workouts put on by our strength and conditioning coach Brady,” said Temple.

Despite the fact that the team is working vigorously to stay in shape and gain endurance for the fall season, some challenges definitely face this year’s team as well. Losing four seniors, Nicole Schmitz, Caelyn Taylor, Lexi Herr and Annika Joyce, who contributed tremendously to the team may cause a conflict. Unlike everything else, challenges to the LHS volleyball team is what keeps them fighting.

“Losing any amount of seniors is a hardship for any program, but volleyball is impacted more when four of our eight players in the rotation are gone. This season, we will be looking to new leaders within the program to step up as well as a few underclassmen getting more playing time. It is comforting knowing that the girls coming back have seen significant playing time as well as the pressures of big games,” said Temple. 

Positivity is key to having a cooperative team, and Temple’s high hopes for this year are sure to keep her girls working hard and maintaining fortitude. 

“My goal for the team this season is to continue to gain confidence in themselves as a team and as an individual contributor. Another goal I have for the team is to recognize that each day is a learning experience and a chance to grow as a player and person, whether a win or loss. We will start incorporating leadership readings and meetings to work towards more cohesiveness on and off the court,” said Temple.

These goals in place will keep these girls striving for their absolute best. Without stopping at any exception, the LHS volleyball team is ready for anything thrown their way. With Adrenaline Volleyball’s prediction of this team placing second this year, the Pats will do everything in their power to live up to these expectations and standards.