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Different types of people on Zoom calls

Since we have started quarantine, we have adapted to our new lives by using Zoom calls to communicate with our teachers and classmates. During our time of social distancing, people have reacted to using the Zoom calls in very different ways. Here are the different types of people on Zoom calls.


-The Tryhard

        This person reads all of the material for every class and is out of bed, showered and ready for each Zoom call. This person has reminders set on their phone to join all of their Zoom calls and they are always the first person to join. They will raise their hand and answer every question the teacher asks to assert their intellectual dominance on the rest of the class.


-The Gamer

        I would actually like to address that there are two types of gamers on Zoom calls. The first is the “actual gamer.” This person always has their mic muted and their camera on. You can see the sweat dripping down their face while they crank 90’s in Fortnite and assert their dominance on other gamers online. These people are usually pretty cool and down-to-earth students who don’t want to be involved in the call but need the participation points. The second type of gamer is the “setup gamer.” These students have been waiting their whole lives for the moment that they get to work from home. These students usually have one or two monitors and always join the Zoom call with a headset on, or a microphone in their face. They love to show off their audio quality, their camera quality and their keyboard. These people usually have a dark room with LED lights in the background. They are good students and could care less whether they learn from school or from home; they just want the Zoom call to be over so they can go back to gaming.


-The Sleeper

        This student is the epitome of online school. They are the ones who always have airpods in at school and are sleeping on the desk in the back of the room. These people usually go to bed anywhere from  midnight to about two in the morning, and they are so excited to be home from school and finally catch up on their beauty sleep. This student has a lot of friends and gets all the work from other students. This learner probably is a decent student during in-person learning, and is an even better student online since it is way easier for them to “use their resources”. Whenever this student is called on, they always say the microphone isn’t working so they don’t have to worry about giving any effort whatsoever. This person has probably worn the same hoodie and pajama pants for three days straight and could care less. “The Sleeper” student is simply a different breed.


-The Special Effects Master

        They are very similar to the tryhard, except for the fact that they aren’t always paying attention because they are focusing too much on changing their background for everyone else to see. This student is blood thirsty for attention and cannot go five minutes without changing their background to some random/really weird picture. This student probably got terrible grades because they have zero self-motivation to do anything except change the background. They probably think that they are really funny and always laugh when they change their own background. 


-The Eater

        This student is constantly seen shoving their mouths full of food at any given time.This student probably gained anywhere from 10-25 pounds over quarantine. Maybe they even had COVID-19 and instead of losing weight it canceled out because they ate so much. This student didn’t get a haircut during quarantine and probably didn’t shave or shower either. Their first time seeing the light of day was probably on the first day of school this year while waddling into LHS. This student probably uses food as a way to focus on their work and probably got decent grades over quarantine.


        There are so many different types of people on Zoom calls that I don’t know exactly how many there are, and I don’t have enough time to get to all of them in my lifetime. Personally, I was kind of a sleeper, but I definitely did not cheat…Anyway, please comment below what kind of person you were during quarantine so I can expand this list.

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