I got your costume covered; now please keep your mouth covered



Halloween in 2020 may not be as traditional as other years, but there are still ways to dress up and go out while following the CDC guidelines.

Anna Engels, Staff Writer

2020 has not made anything easy for people this year, Halloween being no exception. People have a hard enough time trying to find a mask to match their outfits; imagine having one correspond with your costume. Handing out candy may be different from previous years, but costumes do not need to take a beating too. If you are panicking, do not worry, I got you covered. 

Although this costume has been done in the previous years, costumes inspired by the Purge is a creative and safe way to have fun this Halloween. The iconic Purge mask is not only a necessity to this spooky costume, but it will also protect yourself and others around you from COVID-19. Aside from the mask, wearing an oversized and distressed white shirt and a pair of black knee-high boots will make this look come together. Adding some fake blood on the shirt will also add a gruesome effect if that is what you are going for. 

 A Joker costume could be worn for both genders. To pull this outfit off, you will need a green shirt and bright purple pants or a skirt. A mask will come as an advantage in this costume, as purchasing a mask with the “joker smile” on it would be more efficient and effective while protecting against COVID-19. Taking this ideal costume one step further could include intense washed out makeup and messy, ample hair (pigtails will add a more feminine side to the costume). 

A cowgirl or cowboy costume has become more common and trendy in the coming years, and it should not stop now. This look will consist of a lot of pinks, so ladies… get ready. With pink pants or a skirt, a sparkly top and a pink hat, heads will be turning when you walk into the party. Boys also have the option of changing the color, but sticking with one color and different shades contributes to a more modern look. Still protecting against the pandemic, a bandana tied around your neck can be used as a face covering while allowing you to stick with the theme of the costume. 

If you are looking for a unique costume this year to stand out against the crowd, dressing as a mummy should do the trick. This costume is both affordable and gender-neutral. To get this full look all you will need to purchase is toilet paper or white cloth and some heavy-duty tape. Sticking the cloth onto a pair of pants or a shirt, and any top you would like will add the “mummy” effect. There is no need for this costume to be perfect; the more chaotic, the better. Do not forget to do the same for a mask! With washed-out makeup and messy hair, the mummified apparel will be complete.