IOS 14 Update Gives iPhone a Makeover


Kate Tollinger

IOS 14 update gave this iPhone a different look, that iPhone users are not used to.

Kate Tollinger, Staff Writer

The new IOS 14 update for Apple is the latest trend. The IOS 14 update allows users to personalize and create their own look on their iPhone. IOS 14 was released Sept. 16 and is one of Apple’s biggest IOS updates ever. Everyone’s iPhone is looking better than ever and unique is its own way. There are many new features added to the iPhone, some including a new home screen design, pinned messages and an app library. 

The IOS 14 update has definitely changed the game for the opportunities to organize the iPhone. People now have access to an app library that organizes all their apps alphabetically. Another feature that was added to help organize the iPhone was the opportunity to hide apps that users do not use on a regular basis, but still want to have on hand. By adding these organizational features to the iPhone, it is easier for one to customize and design their iPhone the way they want it to look.

The IOS 14 update also allows users to add widgets to their home screen. Widgets look like larger apps, which can show the information right on the screen, instead of having to click on the app first. The widgets are customizable, colorful and have three different sizes. Widgets have been the trendiest way to customize an iPhone. Many are using widgets to color coordinate each page on their home screen. Everyone has probably come across someone with a home screen with all the same colored apps and widgets to get the perfect aesthetic look. 

Organization and widget features were not the only updates for the iPhone. The IOS 14 update also added features that overall improve your iPhone on a daily basis. Siri has become even smarter, you can pin a conversation on messages and there is a new built-in translation app with over 11 languages. Another useful feature added to the iPhone is that now people can receive incoming calls and facetime calls that do not take over the whole screen, giving one the opportunity to multitask. Another cool feature that will come in handy on the iPhone is new improvements on memojis. Memojis are face avatars that track your facial movements.  Memojis were developed a few years back and they have been evolving ever since. 

During this time of year, I’m ready for a change; creating and redesigning my iPhone look was just what I needed. These improvements have stepped up the iPhone game for sure, and I can only imagine them getting better and better.