Movie Review: ‘World’s Most Wanted’


Ghaith Baazaoui/ Wikimedia Commons

Go watch Netflix’s new original movie, the “World’s Most Wanted” documentary.

Lydia Sarbacker, Staff writer

Calling all crime watching enthusiasts; Netflix just released a new hard-hitting documentary based on five sought after criminals that evaded the law, and it is definitely worth the watch. 

Netflix is known for its exemplary documentaries and its newest, “World’s Most Wanted” is nothing short of epic. The documentary was released on Wednesday, Aug 5 and includes five episodes detailing suspects with criminal records of mass proportions. The stories of these five fugitives are portrayed with intense footage and interviews that allow viewers to dive deep into each story and discover a whole new world of the justice system. This particular doc series is especially riveting because most of the criminals included are not as well-known in the U.S., but partake in some of the most horrific crimes in history, and should be known by everyone. “World’s Most Wanted” is for those that love to indulge in the world of crime, discovering meticulous efforts to find and incarcerate some of the most notorious lawbreakers in history. 

The first episode, which happens to be just short of an hour, (like the rest) is focused on “El Mayo” or Ismael Zambada Garcia, the head of the Sinaloa Cartel and the mass proportions of his criminal record. Although he kept a lower profile than other infamous drug cartel leaders, El Mayo’s story is wildly entertaining and illustrates his intense journey of being a Mexican Narco escaping the law that sets the stage for the other episodes.

However, some critics have much to say on the new series, saying “World’s Most Wanted” is too similar to other Netflix documentaries. Netflix previously has released other similar true-crime docs depicting similar Mexican Narcos or drug cartels that share parallels with the first episode depicting El Mayo. But the other four cases, including Semion Mogilevich, Félicien Kabuga, Matteo Messina Denaro and Samantha Lewthwaite, share very different stories to keep viewers interested. 

Another reason commenters have been giving “World’s Most Wanted” a harsh rating is for the graphics involved. Some could argue that the rating TV-14 is far too minimal for the blood, corpses and heinous crimes the show includes. The gore is there, but can always be skipped or fast-forwarded through in order to still enjoy the documentary. 

“World’s Most Wanted” does a stellar job of documenting truly how difficult it is to catch these scumbags. The lengths law enforcement has to go to capture these criminals is both immensely frustrating and interesting to watch, proving that watching real-life investigations play out on a streaming platform from the comfort of your own home is definitely entertaining. However, scary and messy this documentary is, it can not be denied it is wildly informative and is a good watch overall. And this was just season one!