When unfamiliar meets uncertain


Anna Engels

Many classes that freshmen take include a physical science, Spanish I and algebra I.

Baily Plourde, Staff Writer

As students fill the school, the smell of nervous freshmen consumes the halls. That may be a statement you can say every year, yet the stench coming from this year’s freshman is mixed with a hint of something else. 

Covid-19 has consumed all of our lives these past nine months. However, most of us haven’t had to branch out to a whole new school with new people, teachers, rules and more. Although these changes have been frightening for most underclassmen, the freshman of LHS have been taking it quite well. 

“I love that [high school] is such a different environment. There are so many new people, I just like that it is a whole new school,” said freshman Nevaeh Deardorf. 

The freeing qualities of high school truly make up for the lacking aspects such as harsh deadlines, strict teachers and every freshman’s biggest fear, getting swept.

Like the rest of us, these newcomers have been out of school since March 2020. These past nine months have taken a toll on us all. That said, for many students, waking up every morning just to go back to your everyday school routine has been something long awaited.

School is not just classes, but it’s an entire community. We are currently holding events like homecoming week, weekly fall sports games and even the annual play. Of course, like everything else these days, there have been some changes to these staple parts of LHS. For example, there will not be a homecoming dance after the game, along with masks needing to be worn at every sports game attended. At LHS, we show up for our peers, yet nobody can deny the constant fear in the back of everyone’s mind that has us wondering how much longer we get to show up. For many freshmen, including Deardorf, these events are the best part of coming to high school. 

“I’m most looking forward to going to football games with my friends and getting to sit in the student section. It is definitely the part I was most excited for in middle school,” said Deardorf. 

Although these are uncertain times, we can all agree to do our part in stopping the spread and staying healthy. Whether it is your freshman year or your senior year, everyone wants in person school, everyone wants football games and volleyball games and everyone wants the doors of LHS to stay open. Maybe by next year, those freshmen will get a normal year, and they better appreciate it.