Is traveling really the best idea right now?



There have definitely been cases of infected passengers passing the virus on to a flight’s crew or travelers in recent months, however, the transmission rates are low.

Baily Plourde, Staff Writer

As the world takes a turn for the worst with COVID-19 taking over, many homes have been greatly impacted by this spread. According to a study done at the University of Minnesota, with over 20 million jobs lost, our country is currently undergoing one of the highest unemployment rates seen since the Great Depression. Not only are families suffering, but so are many locally owned businesses and shops. However, something many would not expect would be the drastic punch many airlines are taking as borders close and travel restrictions continue to distance people throughout the world. 

According to CNN, the lack of demand for customers along with travel restrictions have caused many airlines to cancel flights along with taking a huge hit cost-wise. These airlines have been predicted to lose $113 billion in sales by the end of the year. 

Although flights have slowed and restrictions have been placed, that does not necessarily mean the people of America will stop flying altogether. Airlines have placed many COVID-19 precautions in hopes to slow the spread. Masks are required on many flights along with physical distancing during check-in and boarding and surgical-grade HEPA air filtration. TSA has informed fliers that their safest bet is something we have all heard before. Social distancing. Not only do many question if traveling is a good idea in times like these, but many wonder if the act of being on an airplane in general is something that should be allowed. 

“Contrary to what people believe, you’re not flying through the air in a sealed tube,” says Amanda Simpson, Vice President for research and technology at Airbus Americas.

According to The Wall Street Journal, airplane cabins have great airflow, allowing fresh air to mix with the air from the plane to essentially create air similar to outside. 

When it comes to flying during a time like this, one’s best bet might just be to stay home. Yet, letting COVID-19 control someone’s life is not something that will end up benefiting them in the long run. What is most important is to live life to the fullest while also doing everything in their power to stop the spread. Doing one’s part will only help everyone.