LHS girls soccer suit up for the playoffs


Macy Honner

Mali Van Meeteren advances the ball to a teammate during a game against the Bobcats.

Adyson Sand, Entertainment Editor

As the LHS soccer team enters their ninth week of the season, the team is preparing for a tough matchup for their opening playoff game on Oct. 6, 2020. With a record of 5-6-1, the season has been challenging, but with their solid lineup and all-around athleticism, the team is hoping for a deep run into the playoffs. 

Senior team captain, Ella Stich, highly anticipates the team’s next game as it is of large importance. LHS soccer will compete against the seventh-ranked team in the state for their first round of playoffs. If the game goes in LHS’ favor, the girls will progress to the quarter-finals. 

“We really need to win this next game, teams look down on us because our ranking but we have been close in every game, they aren’t expecting us to be good but we are definitely up there and will compete with the others,” said Stich.

This season has not been as polished as previous seasons for the 24 girls playing at the Varsity level. Skewing the record and the overall performance of the team, COVID-19 has been one of the largest hurdles the team has had to work around. Throughout the season the team had temporarily lost seven girls due to close contact, making the field arrangements look a little different and ultimately affecting the girls’ overall performance. Despite the difficult adjustments, Junior Avery Nelson maintained a positive attitude. 

“[Losing our players] definitely affected the starting lineup for a few games as our starting Varsity goalkeeper was out for three games and I, the starting outside back, was out for two,” said Nelson. “Both were due to close contact and it affected the outcomes of at least two games. Although we would have preferred this not to happen, ultimately I think it bettered our game. It also gave the players in quarantine time to reflect and identify ways to improve.”

Regardless of the uncertainty during this time, the LHS varsity soccer team is keeping their spirits high and fixing themselves on working hard and bringing home a championship. Despite the lack of faith coming from outside of the school, players and fans are confident the soccer team has the potential to defy the chatter from rivaling schools.