New albums here just in time for fall



Joji”s newest album “Nectar” was released September 25, 2020 via the media company 88rising.

Paige Gordon, Staff writer

With sweater season kicking into gear, music’s fall lineup is off to a good start with these new albums.

“Nectar” by Joji

Formerly known by his Internet alias, “Filthy Frank,” Joji has been making a new name for himself through music. The tracks on his newest release “Nectar,” combine many aspects of Lo-fi and upbeat pop and create a mellow work of art. The bold production choices bring out Joji’s layered harmonies, and the melancholic lyrics are haunting, yet amazing. It is really strange to think that this moody music comes from the same guy who would run around in public in a pink suit.

“Tickets To My Downfall” by Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly originally made his mark in the music industry as a rapper, but his latest studio album “Tickets To My Downfall” departs from his typical style to revive the early 2000’s craze that was punk-pop by teaming up with Blink 182’s Travis Barker. Though certain songs feel too much like copycats of Blink 182’s music, there are some more modern elements that make them more interesting, best demonstrated by the song “concert for aliens.” The song uses a gritty main guitar and sound effects to make a great mosh-pit ready song.

“Alicia” by Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys has been a music icon for nearly two decades, now with her seventh album, Keys expresses her hopes and frustrations through powerful, uplifting ballads. Along with her signature piano anthems, there are contemporary pop pieces that combine funk and soul. The album really feels like the musical equivalent of Chicken Soup for the Soul, meant to be inspiring in difficult times.

“Shamir” by Shamir

For those more into the indie scene, Shamir’s newest self-titled album is a great pick. Each song feels a little different from the last. Certain songs, such as “Other Side” use folk and blues techniques to give it a bare-bones country sound. There are also songs that feel reminiscent of 90’s MTV by reinventing grunge riffs.