Vikings struggles so far this season


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The Vikings are off to a horrible start of 1-5

Carter Ericson, Staffwriter


Coming into the 2020-2021 NFL season, the Minnesota Vikings were set on one goal, making it back to the playoffs. 

This seems like a very reasonable goal since they made it to the second round of the playoffs last year before losing to the San Francisco 49ers. However, we are seven weeks into the NFL season and the Vikings are sitting at the bottom of their division with a 1-5 record. To say this year has been a disappointment would be a massive understatement. 

There are many different reasons to blame for their struggles but one main problem would have to be the play of their Quarterback Kirk Cousins. He currently has thrown 10 interceptions this season, which is tied for the most. Also, his QBR of 48.1 is 28th in the NFL. These are far from elite numbers. What makes his performance even worse is that over the Offseason the Vikings signed him to a two-year $66 million extension. With that type of money, fans would expect their franchise quarterback to play better than he has.

During an interview with ESPN, Cousins opened up about his recent struggles so far this season. 

The reality is if the pace I am on in terms of the interceptions if that were to continue, I won’t finish the season,” said Cousins. “I need to finish the season with a different story, regarding the interceptions so that is something I need to improve with the remaining games we have. I do not know that I would limit it to the interceptions. I think it’s just the entire offensive performance. It is just, I need to be better, we need to be better.”

Another problem is the horrible play of their defense. Before the season, the Vikings lost six starters due to free agency. Those losses have shown as their defense has given up 32 points per game, a massive increase compared to last year’s 19 points per game.

“It is frustrating,” said Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer.”We have some young guys and they’re learning. We are going through some growing pains and they’ll continue to get better.”

As a Vikings fan, this season could be described in one word: disappointing. However, I will always stay loyal to my team, because there is always next year.