A comeback for ‘Gossip Girl’


Marecla2222/Wikimedia Commons

The new actors and actresses of the Gossip Girl reboot pose on the Met steps.

Lydia Sarbacker, Staff Writer


Most teens have indulged in the crazy world of the Upper East Side of New York City from behind their screens, but did you know everyone’s favorite show is getting a new season? 

The hit series “Gossip Girl” released in 2007 and produced until winter of 2012, follows the most elite teens on the Upper East Side throughout their teenage years, capturing catfights and love triangles all the way. Throughout the show, the rich and wealthy characters are followed and reported on by their school’s gossip website that posts all of the teens’ dirty laundry. “Gossip Girl” is one of the main protagonists of the show, always causing trouble in the characters’ lives and being known as a deviant throughout the series, narrated by Kristen Bell. Packed with action and drama, “Gossip Girl” was quite the show and many fans were infuriated when the show ended back in 2012, making the idea of a reboot too exciting to comprehend. 

HBO Max’s reimagining of “Gossip Girl” arriving in 2021 could be one of the most highly anticipated reboots in years. In the ten episodes, the show focuses on the life of the characters set eight years after the original; followers of the series will enjoy seeing the progression of characters’ stories.

When paparazzi pictures were leaked, fans were quick to jump to conclusions and assign characters to the show from the faces from set. In the original “Gossip Girl,” two of the main roles were “it” girls Blair and Serena and up and coming actresses Emily Alyn Lind and Jordan Alexander are believed to play these roles in the reboot. The cast also includes Thomas Doherty, Whitney Peak, Eli Brown, Evan Mock and other fresh faces. It was also extremely exciting to hear that Kristen Bell will be returning to voice “Gossip Girl” as well as the creators of the original that are said to be collaborating on the new show.

Fans can also look forward to much more diversity throughout the show, as this reboot will feature far more non-white leads than in the original series. The show is also taking more of an initiative to address the wealth and privilege of these teens’ lives that were not illustrated in the first run. 

If you are in need of a new show, make sure to check out the new version of “Gossip Girl” certain to be full of new gossip and adventure. The reboot has gained major hype since the leak of set pictures and is sure to impress in 2021.