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Get into the holiday spirit with a perfect holiday playlist!

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Get into the holiday spirit with a perfect holiday playlist!

Hannah Cisar, Staff Writer

Despite the icy roads and the long hours shoveling the sidewalks full of snow, Christmas music makes those long, cold winter months so much better. Whether you are baking cookies in the kitchen, reading a book by the warm fireplace or driving around through the snow-covered town, there is always a need for a holiday playlist full of joyful Christmas music. For many, Christmas music makes those cold, end of the year months something to look forward to. 

While some may just listen to a holiday station on the radio while driving in the car, others will go all out in creating an hour-long, customized, holiday playlist that they can play at any time of day. For those who don’t have the perfect Christmas playlist yet, or need help in creating one, I am here to get you started. 

Song number one: “Christmas” by Michael Buble

The song “Christmas” was first released by Micheal Buble back in 2011 and has been a major hit around the world ever since. “Christmas” is a great song to play when you are in the kitchen with friends and family making some freshly baked cookies, occasionally taking breaks to sing your heart out and dance while getting into the holiday spirit. 

Song number two: “Last Christmas “by Ariana Grande

“Last Christmas” is a song that you will know every word to after only listening to it a couple of times. The song was originally released by the group “Wham!” back in 1986, but has since then been covered by pop singer Ariana Grande. Grande adds more of the new pop culture into the song making it a little different than the original. For your playlist, I recommend the newest version of the song sung by Grande that was released in 2013.

Song number three: “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” by Michael Buble

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” is the first song of the year that I listen to and it is a great song to listen to right after it snows. The song brings joy to people’s hearts and fills the air with happiness and laughter. If you don’t have this song already on your holiday playlist, I would highly recommend adding it.

These are just three of the hundreds of holiday songs played throughout the winter season. The amount of joy and warm hearts that holiday songs bring to people and their families during the cold winter season is astonishing. You can never have too many winter songs on your holiday playlist, so get to making one now!