Please read: hallway etiquette

Congested hallways are the norm for LHS, so please follow these simple unwritten rules to keep them running smooth.

Anna Engels

Congested hallways are the norm for LHS, so please follow these simple unwritten rules to keep them running smooth.

Anna Engels, Feature Editor

Six passing periods a day, each six minutes long. Thirty-six minutes of walking behind incredibly slow kids, getting shoved, pushed and above all, tripped. I don’t know about you, but I am very confused as to where kids’ manners have gone these days. That being said, I have taken the time to share with you the correct hallway etiquette, and I encourage all to read and take these into consideration next time you enter the halls of havoc. 

No. 1: Do not have conversations with the opposite flow of traffic. This leads to back-ups on both sides of the hallway and causes a domino effect of shoving and pushing. Texting them is always a better option.

No. 2: Shoving and pushing. Don’t even get me started on the shovers. Shoving is unnecessary, especially when there is a crowd of people in front of you. It will not make the congestion go away, nor will it get you to class any faster.

No. 3: Letting people cross in front of you. What is one second out of your incredibly busy day to let a person cross into a class when hallways are crowded? I just know you are the person that doesn’t let people in when driving too. Rude. 

No. 4: Yelling and screaming. One word: unnecessary. There is absolutely no point in screaming something obnoxious in the hallway. I laugh very easily, and I have not once laughed at something someone yelled. Maybe that’s just me. 

No. 5: Don’t play music from a speaker. We don’t want to hear your rap music coming from an unknown place in your backpack. People made earbuds for a reason, so please be a civilized person and use them, for everyone’s sake. 

No. 6: Walk single file, not next to your friends. Unless you are in an empty, or near to empty, hallway, walking with five of your friends next to each other clogs the hallway and doesn’t allow room for passing. You know who you are. 

No. 7: Do not go on your computer when walking to class. Your episode of anime can wait.

No. 8: Running down the halls. This is not a gym class. You knock people over and scare the freshman. I don’t know what makes you think you can jolt in front of everyone, but tone it down Usain Bolt. 

No. 9: No PDA. I think this one speaks for itself. No one, I mean no one, wants to see you and your newly-taken boyfriend strut down the hallway holding hands or making out in the corner under the stairs (yes, everyone can see you under there).  Don’t forget, PDA is not the Lincoln way!