A letter to the future generation


Samuel Corum/Getty Images

Rioters seen climbing the capitol building and waving disruptive flags with no law enforcement in sight.

Olivia Brost, Staff Writer

Dear future generation,

As the horrendous year of 2020 finally came to a close, many citizens awaited the start of a new year. A fresh start. Although the start of this new year cannot eliminate COVID-19 completely, it can act as a clean mental slate for anyone who believes it. But no new year would be American without a headline making breaking news.

Only six days into 2021, a group of radical Trump supporters stormed the capitol building, creating frightening images for the entire country to see and have to process. Windows were smashed and government officials’ desks were disrupted in a protest attempting to overturn the results of the electoral college. These extremists were clad in MAGA gear, unmasked and some were proudly waving the confederate flag down the halls of the capitol, which was the first time in history the flag has even been flown in the building. These riots were the first attack on the capitol building since the War of 1812 when a British mob stormed the capitol. 

This event was not a riot or protest; it was an act of domestic terrorism. It cannot be swept under the rug. This “peaceful protest”, or so Trump supporters claim it to be, should not entail pipe bombs found on the capitol grounds after people are forced out. A “peaceful protest” should not consist of bullet holes being found in government officials desks. And a “peaceful protest” definitely should not consist of the president encouraging this behavior in an attack against their own government on their own soil. This was a far cry from a peaceful protest – this was an attempted coup. 

After learning about the Black Lives Matter protests of 2020, you may be asking “Where were the police?” I wondered the same thing. Knowing the force and power exerted on the protesters in the BLM movement, one would assume the same force and power would be exerted on a rabid group of people attacking an official government building. But unfortunately, you are far from correct. Videos from the summer of 2020 show citizens protesting for equality, which is an inalienable human right, shows unnecessary police brutality against many protesters. But during the capitol breach, many law enforcement officers are seen opening the gates for people to get closer to the building, taking selfies with rioters and doing absolutely nothing to prevent the invading of the capitol. BLM protesters were physically beaten, but Trump supporters are able to overtake the capitol building in a matter of 12 hours. If this was a BLM protest, the situation would have been met with military force. These events are nothing short of a prime example of inequality and the inability to accept a loss.  

The United States has never truly been united. Whether it’s through gender, race or religion, there is always some sort of disagreement to pick at. I hope the country you live in now is far from the one we live in today. I hope equality has been granted, global pandemics don’t have control on life, but overall, I hope our neighbors can find peace with one another, despite the differing views.