Driving Do’s and Don’ts at LHS


Emma Johnson

The LHS parking lot may look orderly, but before and after school, it is the worst place you want to be trapped.

Emma Johnson, Staff Writer

LHS students may think that the most difficult part of their day is trying to endure the ever accumulating amount of assignments, stacked on top of studying for tests. In actuality, the most difficult part of the day is navigating one’s way out of the abomination that is the LHS parking lot. From the multitude of cars filled with drivers of all experience levels, the armageddon is enough to turn even the calmest driver into a terrifying beast of road rage. In order to maintain peace, follow these simple rules to get out of the lot as quickly as possible in a timely manner. 

DO take alternate turns getting out of the parking lot. The amount of times that I have had four to five cars pass by without letting me through is exhausting. Let a car in, you pull forward.  Did you already forget the lesson of taking turns? Do not be selfish and give the friendly wave to every other car. We all want to get out of here as fast as we can, however, with this being said…

DON’T be the person who lets everyone in. Letting every car out of their parking spot does not count towards volunteer hours or deem you as a student with outstanding citizenship. You are letting a pile of cars stall behind you. If you want to do a good deed, compliment someone in the hallway. Alternate turns to assure that everyone gets out of the lot on time. 

DO stop blasting your music. Playing the soundtrack to your life seems great, but my car is shaking from the booming bass. I am on the other side of the parking lot and can hear the lyrics word for word. Turn it down or you will be deaf by the time you graduate high school.

DON’T speed through the lot. Last time I checked, the LHS parking lot was not the host of the Indy 500. Students are just trying to walk to their cars or find a parking spot coming back from open lunch. If you have the need for speed, allow me to direct you to Interstate 229 approximately 40 yards away from the edge of the property. You can go 80 miles per hour as long as you want. 

DO allow people to back out of a spot. Standing in front of someone’s car to discuss the useless drama of the day is preventing a student from clocking in to work on time. There are seats in a car for a reason. If you are in your car, stuck behind a line longer than your patience, please leave your car and remind the student that taking turns is a good idea. 

DON’T save spots by leaving a door open. Leaving your door open to snag the neighboring spot so your friend can park next to you just prevented me from scoring the perfect spot upon returning from open lunch. I know that you and your best friend do everything together, but you do not have to pull out of your parking spots at the exact same time. You can live without parking next to your best friend. 

DO move to one side while you are walking to your car. I am trying to get out of the parking lot as quickly as you are, however, you are walking as slow as you do through the hallways. Shouldn’t you be more excited that you are leaving for the day? Move to one side and walk. When you walk in the middle, you are not only openly blocking traffic, but allowing yourself to be run down. No one wants that.

DON’T forget these basic rules. Not only will they keep the peace, but I guarantee that they are easier to remember than the handbook in the front of your agenda.