Harden wants out of Houston

In December, James Harden informed the Houston Rockets that he wants out of the organization.


Keith Allison

After eight years with the Houston Rockets, James Harden needs a change in scenery.

Charley Lockwood-Powell, Staff Writer

News has circulated throughout the NBA that James Harden wants a trade out of the Houston Rockets organization. Over the last couple weeks, Harden has been extremely unhappy with the management of the Rockets and has decided that he wants to call it quits on his career with Houston.

The news of Harden’s unhappiness was announced in late December. Sources are saying that he is unhappy and does not see them winning a championship any time soon. This is all about wanting to win a championship for Houston, and he does not believe there is a chance they make it, so he wants out. Since then, the sports world has been reacting to the news and giving their input on the situation. Some of the players are furious with Harden’s actions and say it is childish of him.

“It’s only been nine games. Come on, man, you want to jump off the cliff after nine games?” said teammate John Wall.

 Though Harden has not come out and said anything about requesting a trade, insiders in the organization are saying that he is very unhappy with the team and wants out. In late December, Harden skipped practice to leave town and go to the University of Houston. The whole sports world noticed his actions when he got fined $50,000 for violating the NBA COVID-19 protocol. He went to a club without a mask on during his hiatus from basketball. He did not express anything about the fine, because he was quarantined by the NBA. Harden was also seen without a mask in Vegas and Atlanta.

Harden came out earlier Wednesday morning and said “It can’t be fixed.” He is showing that he definitely wants out of Houston and will go to extreme lengths for him to be traded. It seems to be that there is no going back, and that Harden will definitely be traded sooner rather than later. All we can do now is sit back and wait to see where Harden will end up, and if he will pull any more stunts like the ones earlier this season.