The unresolved dispute of 2020


Ree Baireddy

Although the dispute on which soda is the most superior, Coke has taken a firm stance on beverages, whereas with Pepsi, they has become big with snacks.

Ree Baireddy, Staff Writer

A global pandemic. A racial reckoning. A historic election. 2020 is a year that will go down in history for mankind. Conflict aroused constantly about whether the police department was doing enough to protect its citizens, or whether we had the right person in the office to represent our country. It was a year where people learned to stand up for themselves and what they believe is right. So, following in the footsteps of many, I am deciding to speak out on a controversy that has faced us for decades: the dilemma of whether Coke or Pepsi is superior. 

Before anyone says anything, they do not taste the same. Let’s break down the major differences between these two major soda companies:

  1. Coca-Cola has a tad more sodium which causes the soda to taste slightly less sweet compared to Pepsi.
  2. According to Malcolm Gladwell in his book, “Blink,” “The biggest difference between Pepsi and Coke are their flavors. Pepsi has more of a citrus taste, while Coke products have more of a vanilla-raisin taste.”
  3. Pepsi contains more calories, sugar and caffeine than Coke.

So, with all that is stated, it is obvious that there is a major difference between the two sodas. However, the power struggle between the two has been evident throughout history. According to History, “Coca-Cola dated back to 1886 when a pharmacist in Columbus, Georgia invented the drink and began selling it to soda fountains. Six years later, the Coca-Cola Company was founded by an Atlanta pharmacist who’d secured the recipe (which contained small amounts of cocaine until 1929).” Pepsi-Cola company was later founded by another pharmacist after seeing the success of Coca-Cola in 1902. Over the next several decades, Coke emerged as the more popular soda. In 1931, they advertised the soda with Santa Claus and marketed it as a soda that can be drunk all year round. As Coke progressed in popularity, Pepsi declined, so extraordinary measures had to be taken. In 1931, Pepsi started a marketing campaign: the “Pepsi Challenge,” a blind taste test resulting in more people in favor of Pepsi. This started the long feud between the two with the companies constantly changing their formulas to fit better for the community such as coming out with Diet, Zero Sugar and more of the original soda.

As an avid Coke drinker, it is obvious which I am in favor of. However, the most superior Coke of all time does not come out of the can nor the bottle, but rather a company: McDonald’s. No other restaurant or fast-food chain has compared to the crisp, sharp Coke that McDonald’s produces. It all comes down to the details: the storage, water filtration, temperature and even the straw. McDonald’s puts in the needed effort and money to produce the best Coke on the market, and I will forever be grateful for this.

Although I am not here to have an intense, 10-hour debate on which is better, I am here to confirm my opinion that Coke will forever be better. It can be found in history and even the chemical formula that Coke is better. “Taste the Feeling.” Coke.