Meet the Craziest Crazie


Claire Brown

LHS student/Homecoming King, Nick Jensen, hyped up the crowd at the 2020 Homecoming pep rally.

Jorgen Sorum, Staff Writer

LHS stands out more than any other school. Not because of academics or sports, but for the culture in our student section. Every year, we have the craziest and loudest crowd. That is what gives us the name, “Lincoln Crazies.” The student section is normally led by the seniors, but in the special case of Nick Jensen, he has been leading the group ever since he came to LHS. Jensen is now a senior and will always be remembered as the craziest Crazie. 

Students come to the games not only to cheer on their team, but to be a part of the energetic and intense student section. The energy in the student section can make a huge difference in the outcome of the game by being loud and supportive.

“I think it is a fun time to hang out with your friends and cheer on you classmates,” said Jensen.

When the students come to support LHS, they join together as one. That is part of the culture and it makes the sporting events so much more interactive.

“The best part about the games is the unity we all have together. We all cheer for the same team and we are all having fun together,” said Jensen.

All schools have a student section that unites to support their team, but at LHS we are known for crazy outfits and loud voices. Jensen is not afraid to stick out in the crowd. His outfits consist of flashy colors and short shorts.

“We do not have too many boundaries to what we do. We just do whatever we want and have fun,” said Jensen.

With the ongoing pandemic, all schools have seen a drastic change in the turnout for sports games. Many people do not want to wear masks or they want to avoid crowds, so they do not go. This obstacle shows how dedicated the Crazies are and how they are willing to follow every policy to ensure they are present for their team.

“Covid has definitely kept people away and it is a lot harder to wear masks but it has also kept the people who actually enjoy the games together,” said Jensen.

The LHS student section is a culture and a tradition. This means that every year, there needs to be someone new that will step up and lead everybody else in the group. The seniors should set an example for everybody else, so when it is time for someone else to lead, they know exactly what to do. 

“Some advice I would give to upcoming Crazies is to show up to the games because it is a fun time to hang out with friends at school and not have to do school work, and it is fun to make new friends,” said Jensen.