Pop artists gone awol


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Adele is one of the pop artists who have gone awol in the past few years.

Bella Engebretson, Staff Writer


Think of a musician, one that no one talks about anymore, an artist that does not make music anymore. Many artists have gone down the wrong path since their music careers have ended, while the others have done quite the opposite. A majority of musicians have moved on to better things and moved on from music to better themselves. 

One artist that stopped producing music was Adele. We all know her, we all miss her. She has produced so many great songs during her time as a musician. Many of the songs are relatable, while the other half are just depressing. 

Unfortunately, the last album that Adele produced was “25” in 2015. There were a few rumors that stated Adele would come out with a new album in September of 2020, but that never happened. Maybe the rumors were  true, but it is known that Adele took a break from music after damaging her vocal cords from her tours. She also struggled with personal problems, including her divorce with Simon Konecki. 

Another artist that could have been forgotten about is Rihanna. Some of her songs include, “Love on the Brain,” “Stay” and “Umbrella”. Rihanna has not come out with a new album since 2016, which was “Anti”. Besides the fact that Rihanna has stopped making music, she won nine Grammy Awards, eight Billboard Music Awards and many more awards during her time. Rihanna stated that she has decided to focus more on her beauty line, instead of music. Her beauty line, Fenty Beauty, has many different makeup products that cater to all skin tones. 

The king of pop, Bruno Mars, has only released one album since 2016, which was “24K Magic”. It won album, song and record of the year in 2016. Even though Mars has not come out with new music for a few years, rumors say that he has been working on some fresh beats and projects recently. Whether Mars is making new music or not, he has contributed to COVID-19  relief exceedingly. Mars donated around $1 million to the MGM company to help employees who have been displaced. 

Only 2021 will tell if these pop stars will resurface in the music industry. However, if they do not, they will forever be known as the pop artists gone awol.