Tom and Gronk dominate the Super Bowl parade


Mike Ehrmann

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski celebrate after their win in Super Bowl LV.

Charley Lockwood-Powell, Staff Writer

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers did not have a regular week following the Super Bowl. They had their championship parade on water, for a more socially distanced celebration. 

The parade was led by quarterback Tom Brady and party animal Rob Gronkowski. Brady pulled up to the parade with his new $2 million boat, which was fitting for the five time Super Bowl MVP. On the water, there were mass amounts of boats with each individual player bringing their own. The parade was so electrifying that at one point, Brady threw the Lombardi trophy approximately 10 yards over the water to teammate Cameron Brates’ boat. Everyone seemed to be having an awesome time, even while being socially distant.

Fans from all over the Tampa Bay area were there supporting the Super Bowl champs. Many people did not go to work and a lot of kids did not go to school that day; some of the parents there were trying to get it as an “excused absence” for their child, according to Tampa Bay Times.

During the parade, Gronkowski told an ESPN analyst:

 “ I haven’t even touched the Lombardi Trophy yet, I’m not sure if it’s for a reason, if the Buccaneers organization is trying to keep it away from me, but it would be pretty cool to even see it. I saw it from about 30 yards away yesterday, but I have not touched it yet, and hopefully I get to soon.”

This is probably because in 2019, after Gronkowski won a Super Bowl with the New England Patriots, he used the trophy as a baseball bat and put a dent in it. But not touching the trophy did not stop Gronk from having a stellar time at the parade. He was seen on social media with his shirt off drinking mass amounts of alcohol with his teammates, which is quite normal for Gronk.

After the parade with fans was over, the Bucs set off to Port Tampa Bay for a more private celebration. When it was all said and done, Tom Brady was seen walking out being helped to a car by one of his friends. It seemed to be that Brady had a little too much fun at the parade, he later went on twitter replying to the video of him walking out saying:

“Noting to see her…just litTle avoCado tequila.”

This ripped through social media and was all over the Internet within minutes of him uploading the hilarious comment, even having stars like LeBron James reply back to him. 

“Man o man I wish we were able to have our parade too cause I would have been walking beautifully just like you!” said James.

At the end of the parade, Gronk finally got to hold up the trophy; he raised it  above his head for everyone to see. The parade was a complete success in all aspects, as they were able to stay safe and follow COVID-19 protocols while still having an awesome Super Bowl parade.