2021 trends: How much worse can they get?


Olivia Brost

A perfect example of the mom jeans that are popular today.

Bella Engebretson, Staff Writer

  1. Platform flip-flops

 We all know that platform shoes have been in this year, such as Converse, Vans and now apparently, flip flops. I think these shoes are not the worst trend of this year, but far from the best. If someone were to wear these, they would have to wear the right compliments. I believe that some cute yoga pants and a cropped tank top would look spectacular with these specific shoes. Jewelry of personal preference with this fit would spice it up even more. Side note: If you do not have cankles, these shoes are perfect for you! 

      2. Supersized totes 

Sometimes the most oversized purse you own is not large enough. The new supersized totes are perfect when you need to pack many necessities, such as beach items or maybe even shoplifting. You could get away with so much, perhaps even a small child. This bag is like the equivalent of a suitcase on the move, except with a child in it. 


      3. Shrug sweaters

If you are a person that has man shoulders, worry no more! These sweaters that cover only your arms and neck are perfect for those who are insecure! These sweaters are extremely popular this year; they are high on the neck with an open stomach and back. You can pair these shirts with a basic tank top underneath or maybe even a swimsuit if you are weird like that. These sweaters also could potentially be matched with jeans or corduroys. 


      4. Matching sets

Whether you have an outgoing or straightforward style, matching sets are perfect for anyone. There are cute ones for the nighttime, ones for a cute date night (but you have to have a significant other for this). Regardless if you are madly in love or very lonely, matching sets can be the perfect fit to run errands or hang around the house. There are many different styles of sets you can choose from; they range anywhere from a sweatshirt and lounge shorts to a mini skirt and a cropped tank to match with it. By far my favorite trend of this year, so cute and simple! 


      5. Straight leg jeans

Okay, let’s talk about jeans. First on the list: skinny jeans. Those have been out of style since 2016 (sorry, not sorry). It is time for them to go, for good. Next up are my personal favorite, mom jeans. These are the best jeans and no one can prove me wrong; maybe it’s because they just flatter me so well. Unlike the stupid skinny jeans. Mom jeans can go well with anything, long tops, tanks, cropped shirts and so much more. Last but not least, straight-leg jeans. They will make your muffin top disappear just like that and accentuate your beautiful, natural curves; that’s all I have to say. 


      6. Fringe bags

To wrap up all of the horrible trends that are expected this spring, we have the horrendous fringe bags. These are like your classic handbag, but with strings attached to the end that are about a foot long. I do not have anything else to say because I think it speaks for itself.