New schools come with new opportunities


Bella Engebretson

LHS sophomore, Maddie Gutzmer is one of the many students attending JHS next year.

Bella Engebretson, Staff Writer

 Say goodbye to open enrollment and hello to the new Sioux Falls School District boundaries. Many students in the district, who have gone to the same school for all of their high school years, are now being compelled to move. Every grade is affected, except for the students who will be seniors next year. Students at LHS and many other schools in the Sioux Falls area are not happy about these new changes. Not only are the students affected, but teachers are also as well. 

One of the teachers moving to JHS is current LHS physics teacher Todd Wells. Even though a new school can seem overwhelming, Wells is excited for the opportunity to take on the role of JHS Head Wrestling Coach. Unlike some, Wells is ready for a fresh start and is going into this change with an open mind. He believes that the new boundaries are fair for all and will provide diversity to the schools. 

 “I am excited about being able to teach at a new school and excited for a new adventure,” said Wells. 

All students at the Sioux Falls schools are being affected, whether they are involved in sports, clubs or extracurricular activities or not. Maddie Gutzmer, an LHS sophomore, is attending JHS next year. 

“I was not involved in any activities this year because of COVID-19, but I got asked to be the wrestling manager at Jefferson next year so I plan on doing that which I think will be a fun experience for me,” said Gutzmer. 

Gutzmer does not know how to feel about leaving LHS, she is excited about the new opportunities, but nervous about what the future holds for her at JHS. 

“I would like to stay at LHS, but I also want to go to a new school. It is a love-hate relationship. I do not want to leave the teachers and the friends I have here, but I think it will be good to meet new people,” said Gutzmer. 

JHS will be a new experience for everyone. To anyone going to a new school next year or staying at the same school: keep an open mind to different activities and do not be afraid to try something new. Moving to JHS or any of the Sioux Falls schools will be a great way to build new friendships and meet many new people. 

“I am most excited about meeting new people. Ever since middle school I have kind of stuck with the same friends, and I think it will be nice to make some new friends,” said Gutzmer.