Reviewing Chipotle’s new quesadilla


Kate Tollinger

Chipotle’s new quesadilla is filled with meat and served with your choice of three sides.

Kate Tollinger, Staff Writer

When Chipotle opened its first South Dakota location last December in Sioux Falls, the restaurant saw more business than you could imagine. Chipotle has been on the want list in Sioux Falls for a while, and it finally arrived on the busiest street in South Dakota. The location of the restaurant is not in the ideal pickup destination, but that does not lessen customers. They most recently released their new quesadilla, which I will be reviewing based on three categories: ease of ordering, quality and cost. 


Ease of ordering

Chipotle is located on 41st street, a very busy street that most people try to avoid. With the location of the restaurant not being in the most convenient spot, they do have a “Chipotlane” that is very handy. Their “Chipotlane” is a drive-thru that is used only for online pick-up orders where you can swing by and pick up your order in a matter of seconds. You pre-order and pay through their app, and all you have to do is give them the name on the order and off you go. I pre-ordered and paid on their very well-organized app, and all I had to do was pick it up at the window. Ordering on the app was very easy and the pickup was even easier. 10/10 would recommend this way of ordering. 



I have seen this new quesadilla reviewed everywhere on TikTok and needed to try it for myself. Just like their other options on the menu, it is a build-your-own quesadilla. As described on their menu, it is cheese in a flour tortilla with your choice of meat, sofritas or fajita veggies and three included sides. For my choice of meat, I decided to get half chicken and half barbacoa. To go along with my quesadilla, my choice of three sides were the following: fresh tomato salsa, cilantro white rice and pinto beans. After I drove my food home, the food was still warm and fresh; I could tell everything was made to order. As far as my quesadilla, it was filled with meat and cheese and tasted like a well-elevated quesadilla. My sides, on the other hand, were just okay. The cilantro white rice was good, as usual. They messed up the type of salsa I wanted though, and I thought the pinto beans had a strange flavor. But the extra side of queso they accidentally gave me made up for it. Overall, I would rate the quesadilla and the sides I got a solid 7.5/10. 



The cost of the quesadilla alone was $9.46. In my opinion, I do not think it was worth the cost. Especially compared to Qdoba, where I can use my Great Life discount and can get a burrito, bowl or quesadilla for around $6. I would say though that the quality of the quesadilla itself tops Qdoba, but I feel that when the cost comes in they are slightly under matching up. For what you get and how mine tasted, I would pay eight or so dollars and be satisfied. 


Overall, taking the cost and ease of ordering into account, Chipotle’s quesadilla is something I would recommend giving a try, especially if you have not tried Chipotle yet. The “Chipotlane” was very convenient and the online ordering app was really well organized. Next time, I would probably switch up my choice of sides and replace the pinto beans. I would keep the same types of meats in my quesadilla because the flavors went really well together. The chicken and barbacoa in my quesadilla were of great quality and they definitely gave me my money’s worth. Chipotle’s quesadilla is something I’d want to have again if I am feeling the splurge.