The therapy of Cardio Fitness


Morgan Sandness

Cardio Fitness is a half credit class at LHS.

Morgan Sandness, Staff Writer

“A gym credit or free therapy?” is a question many ask themselves after taking the half-credit gym class needed to graduate from LHS. The mystery behind the benefits of the class has many others wondering if this is a class worth taking. So like any other good journalist, I did my research to find some answers. I took the class for one day and asked around the school to get the answers needed. 

Adrianna Elliot, a junior at LHS, takes a Cardio Fitness class during sixth period. Her experience with the class is one many would be interested in hearing. 

“Cardio Fitness has changed my whole perspective of LHS. It has brought me to the person I am today,” said Elliot. 

After a long day of sitting in chairs, a class dedicated to walking with no homework is ideal. There is no stress, students never go home with homework and your only job is to show up to class. 

“Something that I enjoy most is focusing on my pace. If I’m going slow I tend to have a more stressful evening but if I walk with a purpose and at a good pace, I see that I’m in much better of a mood the rest of the day and I just have an amazing time,” said Elliot. 

I did my own personal investigation to find out if the rumors were true. The first thing I did was change into different clothes. I didn’t get it at first, since all that is happening is walking; do I really need to change into separate clothes?

About five minutes into class, we all went out on the bike trails and walked about a mile and a half. During the walk, I put my AirPods in and contemplated the meaning of life, I watched the ducks swim in the river and counted the number of red cars on the interstate. 

After this long walk, I realized what the clothes were for. When we came in we had enough time to rest and change back into our clothes. The class did not take a lot of work and I was sent home with no homework. 

“Cardio is slept on and needs to be brought to more attention. It soothes the soul and gets your blood flowing,” said Elliot.