To my younger self


Bella Engebretson

This is a picture of myself from 2014, rocking the pink look.

Bella Engebretson, Staff Writer

Dear younger me, you were so cute and little back then. You had a pretty solid group of friends and everything seemed to be going your way, most of the time. Little did you know how hard life would become in the next couple of years. Many things have changed, including yourself. You aren’t so little anymore, already graduating in two years. I know that it is still far away now, but it will be here before you know it. 

Friend groups were never your thing; they still really aren’t.  The true friends who stay by your side no matter what you are going through, are the ones that really matter in the end. You figured this out earlier in life, compared to others your age. Even though, yes, you did try very hard to be the popular girl all throughout middle school, you eventually gave up on that as you got older. But who did not want to be considered the best dressed and best looking? Even though these things only really mattered to the boys. Shocker, right? Also, how come no one ever told you about your atrocious side part? That would have been good to know maybe three years ago. Thank God that phase is over. 

I guess middle school was apparently your time to shine. Talking to a boy or dating a boy was such a big deal back then, for everyone. Especially you, which was a very stupid mistake. You have also outgrown this, thankfully. Middle school was worse when anyone talked to a popular boy because everyone knew. Actually, if anyone talked to any person in general, the whole school still knew. The whole school district knew for that matter. No one could keep a secret back then, it was impossible. (Even you were very guilty of this) Boys tend to get better as you get older. At least some of them do, most of them have matured into actually very nice young men. Kind of. But, look at you now, in a stable relationship. 

Remember how you wanted to be a doctor so bad when you were younger? That is also on the list of things that have changed. You had no clue how hard it would be for you to actually become one, but you really understand now. The workload may be overwhelming, but it is your dream job, right? Speaking of jobs, you finally got one! After mom bugged you about it for almost a year. There are so many adorable kids and loving families at the daycare you work at. It is easily one of the best decisions you have made. You have also expanded your friendships, which is huge for younger you. You have partly learned the responsibility of saving money and spending it wisely, which you haven’t quite mastered yet. 

People change as you get older and you cannot control them, remember that. You will lose some of your closest friends and you experience the real pain of death. You will encounter the feeling of heartbreak and unbearable sadness. You cannot control that either. You will have high points in your next few years and very low points. Be sad if you are sad, embrace the happy moments as well. The best advice I could ever give you is to do whatever makes you happy; be who you want to be.