What to do on a rainy day?


Claire Brown

On rainy days it can be hard to find things to do and most people end up doing nothing.

Claire Brown, Staff Writer

On rainy days, most people can feel more down than usual and feel like doing nothing for the day. Most of the time, I end up doing just that, but here are some things to do on your next rainy day to feel more productive or to just add some fun to your day.

1. Have a baking/cooking day

Baking and cooking days are the best when you can not find anything else to do and you want time to fly by. Food Network has a variety of recipes ranging from beginner to advance, so that could definitely help you find something to make. 

2. Go to a workout class

When you start to feel like you are being a little lazy on your rainy day, try a workout class. In Sioux Falls, there are a variety of fitness classes, with some being hot yoga, cycling and pilates. Some of the most common studios for hot yoga are Amy Miller Training and Ignite, and both of the studios offer many different types of yoga classes for all levels. Revolution Yoga & Cycle and DEFINE: barre, cycle, yoga are studios in Sioux Falls that offer both cycling and yoga. For pilates in Sioux Falls, Club Pilates is one of the most popular pilates studios. These are just some of the classes offered in Sioux Falls and they are a variety of more classes and studios.

3. Watch a new movie/ TV-series

Rainy days can tend to make people want to be lazier, so if that is the case for you, grab a cozy blanket and turn on your TV. The majority of people have Netflix, and most people who have Netflix do not know what to watch. Recently, Netflix added a new feature where it will play anything for you based on your past interests. If that does not find you a show you like, they also have a top 10 list for TV-series and movies.

4. Organize or do some spring cleaning

Springtime calls for people to get refreshed and get everything clean and organized again. Sometimes it can be hard to find the motivation, but if it is raining and you can not go outside, it is the perfect time to start your cleaning. Tidying Up on Netflix helps with some organizing tips, or if this show does not help, YouTube has many videos that will help you with organizing.

Since springtime is just beginning, many rainy days are ahead, so these simple ideas may come in handy for the next rainy day.