David vs. Goliath part 2


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Floyd Mayweather will compete in his first exhibition match since 2018.

Carter Ericson, Staff Writer

After months of rumors and speculation, Floyd Mayweather officially announced his boxing match against Logan Paul via Twitter. The exhibition will take place on Sunday, June 6, at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, FL. It is a Showtime event that is available via pay-per-view; the card includes four fights and costs $49.99. The fight was originally scheduled to take place on Feb. 20, but was temporarily postponed. 

Mayweather comes into this fight with a professional record of 50-0 and is widely known as one of the best boxers of all time. Paul enters this contest with only one professional fight under his name, in which he was defeated by fellow social media influencer, KSI. 

Paul is an Ohio-native and became famous for his videos on Vine and YouTube. His YouTube channel currently has more than 22 million subscribers. Paul is a former high school wrestler and is brothers with fellow boxer/social media influencer, Jake Paul. Paul will encourage his massive social media following to tune into the fight and continue to add zeros into his paycheck.

Paul understands that he is a massive underdog and will look to use his size and age advantage to lead him to victory. Paul stands at 6’ 2” and is 26 years old, while Mayweather is only 5’ 8” and 44 years old. Regardless of the outcome, both of these fighters are set to make lots of money. In Mayweather’s last exhibition he made around $88 million for a three-round contest in Japan. Although it is unclear how much money both fighters will make, Mayweather suggests that he could make up to $100 million.

“We have got to look at $35 million for 12 rounds or $100 million for 6 rounds, big difference, big difference,” said Mayweather in a YouTube interview with Rob Moore. “And I can’t really say what the numbers are going to be. How much money I am going to make, or how much Logan Paul is going to make. But we are talking about projecting, we have always got to talk about what it is projected to make.”

Regardless of who wins, both fighters will take home massive paychecks and will gain tons of social media following in the process.