From student to teacher Anderson-Finch keeps herself involved


Ella Grimm

“I was really involved when I was young and in high school and college I was involved in lots of stuff too so it’s not just a new problem for me”

Ella Grimm, Staff Writter

Teachers have always been known for their busy schedules during the school year. Packed full of grading before and after classes, attending meetings with their coworkers and making sure their students are passing, it’s easy to question how teachers fit everything in. 

For English teacher Meghan Anderson-Finch, a packed schedule is an understatement. From being involved in the Patriot Pride Committee to being the business manager for the theatre department on top of multiple online and in person English classes, Anderson-Finch enjoys keeping herself involved in outside activities even while being full-time staff member at LHS.

Having a highly organized schedule is almost pivotal when it comes to this height of participation. Anderson-Finch tends to find a quality balance between her family and school life.  Staying productive with any extra time she might have, such as during her online class periods, is how this English teacher stays on top of things. She puts in the effort at school so she can spend more time with her family during afternoon hours.

“I’m usually a planner so I’ll start working on something even two months ahead of time and start laying the groundwork so that I can have backups,” said Anderson-Finch. “I don’t like being stressed and I’m not a good fly by the seat of my pants type of person so I like having a plan.”

Anderson-Finch has always seemed to have the amazing qualities of leading and taking charge. She values spending her time focusing on her priorities looking ahead for what is to come and challenging herself to achieve quality work.

“When I was younger… I was very involved in church stuff and one of my very favorite things to do was sing and performing arts,” said Anderson-Finch. “I did a lot of music and theatre during high school in performing shows but I would also help out backstage staff and I did that in college as well.”

Since she was very young, Anderson-Finch knew that she would have a future in the performance industry whether being a lead role in the play or a volunteer. Finding a passion or talent at such a young age, like Anderson-Finch has, is something most people fail to discover.

“My first major teaching job was in Omaha for six years; I was the head of the theatre department and so I taught half theatre classes and half English classes… I would even direct two to three shows every year and that was a lot of fun,” said Anderson-Finch.

From now on out Anderson-Finch hopes to grow more involved not only in the LHS theatre community but also throughout Sioux Falls. 

“I was really involved when I was young and in high school and college I was involved in lots of stuff too so it’s not just a new problem for me…when me and my husband first got married it would drive him crazy that I would have something planned every night of the week and now…now I’m living more calm,” said Anderson-Finch.

As an individual grows with age, hobbies and interest tend to shed, but not for her. Anderson-Finch knows the craft of theatre and performing arts because of her overflowing amount of involvement.

Some call it ‘different strokes for different folks’ others call it just a majorly outgoing personality, but whatever it may be titled, LHS appreciates the well founded work that Anderson-Finch puts into this community.