Grad party must haves


Sara Croghan

An example of an incredibly beautiful spread at Sara Croghan´s graduation party.

Lydia Sarbacker, Staff Writer

Everyone’s favorite time of year is rolling around. Days jam-packed full of food, friends and traveling between numerous parties to celebrate those finishing off their final days of high school. However fun and exciting grad parties can be, they also prove to be quite the hectic experience as well. Planning and preparing for these gatherings makes throwing a grad party slightly stressful. Nevertheless, over the years visiting many different parties and enjoying the bliss they offer, I have found there are a few qualities that make certain parties above all the rest. From the food to the decor, grad parties are quite the experience that have some very needed factors to make it the perfect party. 

Good food

The most important part of a graduation party has to be the spread, as the selections are almost always incredibly impressive. The options are endless when it comes to food selection with desserts to tacos to chips and sandwiches. You can never go wrong with an array of different treats to offer up alternatives for those that come and dine at your party. However, sitting while eating is an extremely important factor to consider in order to make guests’ experience great and comfortable. 



Each grad party varies, but adding a little extra decor never hurt anyone! Balloons, pictures and portraits, streamers and banners are all classic party essentials that will be sure to amp up your party. Being sure to perfectly tie everything together and make for an awesome photo backdrop. 



A grad party being the monumental moment in one’s life calls for a lot of pictures to help remember and celebrate the grand event. Having pictures of friends and family at your big day is a simple yet fun way to entertain and include guests in your celebration. For a unique twist, bring a polaroid camera for instant pictures that can be hung up for everyone to see or a designated person to take pictures of all the guests. Everyone loves having pictures, and adding the option of taking pictures is a great way to look back on your fun day with high regard.



From the early coffee and breakfast/brunch to the later times that go all night, the time of one’s grad party can make or break the whole experience. Coordinating and balancing several parties is incredibly hectic, so making sure your time is planned accordingly is quite important in making your grad party experience the best it possibly can be.