Junioritis: it’s real


Madyson Lawson

LHS juniors Haymi Yetbarek and Karsynn Fossum are more than ready for summer

Madyson Lawson, Staff Writer

After going from remote learning for half a year to a full school year with many changes, it’s safe to say junioritis is real. Best described by Urban Dictionary: “[Junioritis is] a condition that strikes high school juniors. Symptoms include frequent headaches, frequent complaints of stress, random hyperventilation, violent mood swings and a disinterest in schoolwork. Mainly caused by an overdose of AP classes, a very heavy workload, college visits, extracurricular activities and school sports. In 99.8% of all cases of junioritis, senioritis will result. There is no known cure. Treatments include snow days or any prolonged vacation period.” 

Senioritis, the more commonly known of the two, occurs especially around this time of year. As many graduating seniors are inching their way to the finish line and on to new chapters in their lives. But, junioritis seems to be just as real. 

With the end of the school year, juniors have a lot on their minds while transitioning into college life, senior portraits, they have to start thinking about graduation and graduation parties, all while still managing and wrapping up their workload. The thought of knowing college life is right around the corner makes pushing through the rest of high school even harder. 

Here at LHS, junioritis seems to be consuming our juniors. LHS junior Haymi Yetbarek happens to be among those juniors. Yetbarek is currently enrolled in two AP classes, is involved in sideline and competitive cheer and participates in numerous clubs.

“It’s been difficult, for sure. I’ve definitely had my downs but overall it’s been fun,” said Yetbarek.

Junior year comes with a heavy workload and many responsibilities which can be very stressful and intensive for some. It is easy to lose motivation when it gets to this time of year, with all the excitement of summer plans consuming students’ minds. 

“Yes, and it’s been tough. I’ve picked up the habit of procrastinating and going to school seems like such a chore now,” said Yetbarek. “Now that it’s closer to the end of the year, the days have gotten longer. Classes are boring and we don’t do much, so it seems pointless to sit in a classroom for an hour doing nothing.” 

It is safe to say that this school year was tougher than normal and hard to get through, especially after all the changes the 2021 juniors have experienced. Staying motivated can be hard especially at this time of year. But just knowing that we are almost done is motivation enough.