LHS Teachers most likely to


Jorgen Sorum

LHS teacher’s find out what they are most likely to be in the future.

Jorgen Sorum, Staff Writer

Whenever you see a school yearbook or school paper, there is a good chance that there is a page about students “most likely to’s,” a page predicting the futures of students. Teachers, on the other hand, are never mentioned in these “most likely” pages, until now.


The first nominee on the “most likely” list is Monica Conover. Conover is a Spanish teacher from Mexico who brings energy to class every day. With her energetic teaching style and her humorous personality, she is a clear pick for most likely to become a comedian.


The next teacher on the list is Jordan Strand. He teaches physics and AP Physics. Even though he is one of the younger teachers at LHS, he still shows the capability to teach a class while still making it fun. Not only that, he is also one of the cross country and track coaches, which means he is pretty athletic. If Strand were to choose any other profession, he would most likely be an Olympic runner.


Next is a freshman English teacher who is not afraid to speak what is on his mind by the name of Xavier Pastrano. Pastrano is loved by many students because of his more modern style. He wears more modern and “in” clothes. He also is part of a rock band. Pastrano is most likely to be a rockstar. 


The next teacher is Shawn Bogart. He is an English teacher with the biggest Star Wars addiction ever. Obviously, since he is an English teacher, he is also a really good writer. Because of these two characteristics, he would be most likely to be the next Star Wars writer and director.


Art is a difficult thing to master, but if anyone could do it, it would be Susan Waagmeester. She is the teacher for drawing I, drawing II and other art classes. She can teach anyone how to draw and paint, with many years of experience. Because of her job, she gets to paint a lot and she has gotten lots of practice. Out of everyone, she is most likely to become the next Picasso.


Lastly, is the algebra II and geometry teacher, Jared Jansen. His class is a fun time with a lot of time to talk and hang out with friends, but also is a productive class. Jansen also coaches the LHS sophomore basketball team. He is a great coach and knows the game very well. Jansen is most likely to become the head coach for an NBA team.