Starbucks and Capriotti’s now open at new Sioux Falls strip mall


Chloe Hartje

The new strip mall in the southwest corner of town includes Starbucks, Capriotti’s, Sweet Cheeks and an additional retail space.

Chloe Hartje, Perspectives Editor

As Sioux Falls continues to expand towards Brandon, Harrisburg and other surrounding towns, businesses like Starbucks are growing as well. The newly constructed retail center in the southwest corner of town is adding four store fronts, including Starbucks, Capriotti’s and a new ice cream shop. 

The strip mall is located at 69th and Louise, in front of Cornerstone Bank and across the street from the Avera Health Campus. This area has experienced a large housing growth in recent years, which has led to a big increase in traffic to the south side of Sioux Falls. Businesses have been popping up exponentially due to the exposure and visibility at the fast-paced corner in the heart of a residential, retail and medical neighborhood. 

Starbucks has also been growing, dominating the coffee industry in the city. Its new location on 69th and Louise recently opened, and it is the chain’s sixth stand alone store. It includes a drive-thru, dine-in space and outdoor seating. For those that live closer to the east-side of town, another Starbucks will be opening this summer in the retail space next to Stenslands on 41st street just east of Sycamore Avenue. 

Additionally, the new strip mall includes Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop, in addition to their store on Lake Lorraine. The new space does not feature a pickup window and is smaller than Capriotti’s other location, but it is a prime lunch spot for those who work or live in the area. The sandwich franchise, which first started in Delaware in 1976 and has since been voted the greatest sandwich in America, offers a wide variety of sandwiches. Their best seller, “The Bobbie,” includes homemade turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing and mayo. Capriotti’s also sells cold, grilled and vegetarian subs, as well as cheese steaks and salads. 

There will also be a locally-owned ice cream shop, Sweet Cheeks, joining Starbucks and Capriotti’s. Sweet Cheeks will offer a self-serve format and toppings bar that will be priced by weight. The store will also include frozen treats from Snickers to ice cream cones, as well as cotton candy. Sweet Cheeks is set to open later in the summer, in late July or possibly early August, and will have more of a coffee shop atmosphere with a variety of seating. 

An additional retail space of about 1,500 square feet is still up for lease in the strip mall.

As the area continues to grow, more businesses will follow in its path, hopefully both locally-owned and national stores that have not yet reached Sioux Falls. This new strip mall will be a great addition to the neighborhood and the perfect spot for those looking for a cool treat, a quality sandwich or an iced coffee.