Suicide attempt to professional baseball


Phil Lang

Drew Robinson lost his right eye in his suicide attempt.

Charley Lockwood-Powell, Staff Writer

April 16, 2020 was the day that Minor Leaguer Drew Robinson tried taking his own life. Robinson was confined in his home from COVID-19, away from baseball and everything that he loved. After writing a letter to the people he loved the most, Robinson decided it was time. He grabbed his handgun by his nightstand and had a couple glasses of whiskey. He then put it away because he did not want people to think he was doing it because of alcohol, according to He then grabbed his handgun, put it to his temple and fired. What he thought was going to be the end of his life was really the start of his next one. 

Robinson spent the next 20 hours seeking medical treatment for his wounds. He even brushed his teeth, took a couple showers and called 911 all by himself, with a hole in the side of his head. After he was found by police and taken to the hospital and went through many surgeries, he made it through. He knew the odds of people surviving self-inflicted gunshot wounds to the head; he knew that he survived for a reason. The months after the incident were hard for Robinson. He went through extensive physical therapy and continued baseball as a way to relieve himself from all of the bad things that have happened. After the recovery from the events, Robinson knew that he made a mistake and wanted to help people that were also struggling with mental health. 

“I’m here for a reason,” said Robinson.

He started to become more involved with his community going around and telling his story, saying that suicide is not the answer. Coming from a person that actually survived a suicide attempt, he can tell people that are struggling that there is always a way out. Months after his suicide attempt, Robinson came back to the game that he loved. Previously, Robinson was drafted in the fourth round by the Texas Rangers in 2010. Robinson made it all the way through their farm system and made it on their opening day roster in 2017. Robinson did pretty well in the Big Leagues but was demoted to Triple-A after a little over a week. Times were tough for Robison in the minor leagues, but he decided that this time would be different; he would make it to the big leagues and stay there. 

Now May 5, 2021, a little over a year since the suicide attempt, Robinson was added to the Triple-A affiliate of the San Francisco Giants. Robinson started the season 0-8 with seven strikeouts to start the season, but on May 11 he had his first hit, a homerun over the right field wall. Drew Robinson is back, the most improbable comeback just happened for the world to see, where no one thought he was even going to be alive, is now hitting baseballs as a professional. Whether or not Robinson makes it back to the big leagues, he has the whole sports world rooting for him.