Teachers’ summer plans


Photo provided by Barry Foster

Mr. Foster’s summer will include biking 2,655 miles; his goal is 35 miles each day.

Kate Tollinger, Staff Writer

Summer break is just a few days away and LHS teachers are more than ready for it. Here are what some teachers are planning to do while enjoying their long-awaited summer break. 

Aubrey Windish wants to tackle her “to-read” pile that consists of 63 books. 

Cindy Putney will be working as a summer custodian at Memorial Middle School.

Kristi Oskar-Groen will spend some of her summer teaching grad classes at Augustana University.  

Brad Newitt wants to mow a lot of grass, play a lot of golf and not grade any papers.

Laurie Sterrett looks forward to spending a week of her summer in a cabin up in the Black Hills with her entire family. Her family has been vaccinated, so they are looking forward to all being together. 

Emily Koo will be soaking up the sun in Aruba. She also plans to work in her garden and on her summer tan. 

Meghan Anderson-Finch will be helping out with summer school, prepping for the fall variety show and taking her daughter to college. 

Regan Meyer’s summer will kick off with a family getaway at a beach house in Delaware, where she will get to see her nephew after nine long months. She also plans to do some bathroom remodeling, gardening and lots of cooking. 

David Myers will once again be participating as an air show pilot for this summer’s aerobatic air shows. 

Katie Kroeze plans to eat, sleep, watch true crime, work on her dissertation and take care of her two little kids. 

Sam Anderson will spend most of his summer outdoors. He plans to camp, hike, kayak and run, along with taking several road trips.

Cristian Swenson will start off his summer by getting a tonsillectomy. He also plans to install a septic system, be a counselor at a summer camp and continue working on his master’s degree.  

Rebecca Mager will be teaching summer recovery at LHS, coaching gymnastics at Power & Grace Gymnastics and running her kids to gymnastics, dance, the pool and the library. She is also planning a trip to Colorado to meet her new niece. 

Lynae Dadisman Van Den Top and her husband plan to renew their vows and finally go on their honeymoon. She is also looking forward to learning some coding, doing some art projects and building a new deck for her house. 

Katie Pabst will be working at the city pools with a bunch of LHS lifeguards.

Tanya Bjerke and two of her good friends will be traveling on Route 66 from Chicago to California. 

Ashley McKeown will be in Costa Rica for five weeks and then in Puerto Rico for one week. She will be reading books in Spanish and laying out on the beach. 

Mindy Brunmaier plans on hanging out with her family in Las Vegas. She also wants to go on several spontaneous road and camping trips. 

Barry Foster’s summer consists of one-upping his last summer’s biking miles. Each day he will bike 35 miles total. It takes him about an hour and 46 minutes to complete it each day. Along with his 5:15 a.m. bike ride, he also rides into work and runs his errands the same way. At the end of the summer, he will have biked a total of 2,655 miles. 

Tara Paclik looks forward to driving as a Lyft driver.

Sarah Winterscheidt will have an awesome start to her summer. The day after school gets out, she and her sister plan to vacation on an island off the coast of Florida for four days. In June, she will travel to Phoenix to see her grandkids followed by a week in Minneapolis working as the Educator Ambassador for MCAD. Later in the summer, she plans to fly out with her book club to explore the high country in Flagstaff, Arizona.