The expression for summer’s first impression


Ella Grimm

Junior Isaac Shelton

Ella Grimm, Staff Writter

Ladies and gentlemen, let us be honest, as the vast majority of us begin to sprout out of seasonal depression from the unbearably bitter weather, it is easy to say we are ready for summer before we are truly ‘hot to trot’. As an individual anticipates those warmer days coming along, they forget to acknowledge how crucial it is to jump on upcoming vogue trends before it finally arrives. Bringing back those monochromatic colors, cut-out pieces and distinct geometric patterns will be a key component for achieving the ideal ‘hot girl summer’ of 2021 and for our males, ‘city boy summer’. 

Feeling spicy? Accessorize with unique rings or glasses. Want to impress? Wear a mesh top, backless dress or popping sneakers. Let your confidence radiate through your closet. Ensemble an outfit letting your personality control. After all, constructing ‘quirky’ trends is one of the few ways to say words without actually speaking words. It is not always about being the follower when it comes to fashion. Instead of hopping on other people’s bandwagons, let us hop on our own.

While last summer, being held under the repulsive feeling of containment, feeling forced and controlled, let us not have 2020 hold us back from the now. 

Change is something we all have been searching for. Why not be the start? Be individualistic and unconventional. Do not let the expectations of society dictate your reality. Be deliberately original in your clothing choices while portraying the kind of person you wish to become. Discovering what styles are designed for your flawless silhouette is pivotal while finding your identity in the fashion world.  Attire is a daily expression and an outward way to show somewhat who you are. Take full advantage of your power. 

As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” 

Expressing your psyche is far better than appeasing the public’s expectations and seeking validation. Be the one to out-perform the stereotypes that cripple students each season. Empower yourself to be the individual that you were uniquely designed to be.