A week in the life with no more APs: senior year edition


Madeleine Kemper // AP College Board

My College Board account showing that I have completed all courses for the year.

Madeleine Kemper, Editor-in-Chief

For those of you who are wondering what AP students do the week before school gets out after AP testing is all over, it is actually extremely boring. Beside the fact that all the pressure has been lifted off your shoulders, there’s actually nothing to do and you start to question the purpose of even getting up in the morning. However, this atypical school week did provide me some entertainment, so I thought I’d share a recap of my week to give the other LHS students a detailed inside glimpse of what going to school to not actually do school looks like.

Monday (5/17)

First period: I had APES; we watched “Finding Nemo.”

Second period: I had Spanish and we continued watching a horror movie that we started last week.

Third Period: During the Statesman, while I was supposed to be working on my online story, I was actually helping fellow Editor-in-Chief, Cameron Rhode with an international scam that he somehow got himself involved in. (Shoutout to our dear friend David Smith.)

Fifth period: After lunch, I had Calc; we finished making a presentation about a famous mathematician and continued a debate about which actors are the hottest. (I did miss the first day of this conversation so I cannot give details as to who was the winner.)

Sixth period: Government is my only class that we’re still doing review in so we just did a vocab assignment, nothing out of the ordinary.

Seventh period: My last class of the day is study hall so I took a well deserved break and skipped it.

After school: I finally cleaned out all of the trash that I had been accumulating in my car and found like eight water bottles. Later that night, I went to the NHS induction ceremony and then got my heart ripped out of my chest when I discovered that “High School Musical” wasn’t on Netflix anymore #sadday.

Tuesday (5/18)

First period: Went to school to watch part two of “Finding Nemo”

Second period: We got to have a Spanish sing-along with Mrs. Tollinger, by far the best part of the day.

Third period: Came to Statesman, took a hike in the hallway and then learned from YouTube how to scam back the email scammers. I’d say it was a productive morning.

Fifth period: My group presented our mathematician study and we were 20 seconds short on the time limit so that was rather unfortunate, but I think we killed it regardless.

Sixth period: More government review, nothing new.

Seventh period: Skipped (part two)

Wednesday (5/19)

First period: we finished watching “Finding Nemo” and started building solar ovens. (Yes, it really did take us three class periods to watch that movie.)

Second period: We got to play charades and it got VERY competitive.

Third period: David Smith chronicles continued; more email scamming.

Sixth Period: More government review.

Seventh period: I think by this point you already know what I’m gonna say… SKIPPED YO.

Thursday (5/20)

Not going to lie, I don’t really remember what we did this day. My senioritis must have really kicked in and I didn’t take notes. Must have been more of nothing haha, sorry, not sorry.

Friday (5/21)

I skipped the entire day whoops. Instead of going to school and sitting there sweating my socks off, I decided to go to brunch with my brother’s girlfriend. Then, I pulled up to the school parking lot because some of my friends were having a grill out in Arcadia, so I made a quick appearance there. I got to run around outside with a giant bubble wand like a five year old and it was honestly one of the greatest moments. Later, I went and ran some errands for my grad party before hitting the gym to workout. I finished out the week strong by driving around with my friends at night jamming to old-school Taylor Swift songs. So, pretty good Friday overall.

To my fellow Patriots out there who took mostly AP classes, I’m sure you can relate. And to those of you who still have a few years left and decide to go the AP route, this is the kind of week you’re in for, what a ride it was. Anyways, thanks for giving it a read. Peace out Lincoln; I love you, Statesfam.