LHS homecoming door wars


Taylor Schmitz

LHS ad room door wars is a fun tradition every homecoming.

Taylor Schmitz, Entertainment Editor


Slowey’s ad room went all out, using colorful leis against a red background. Not only does the door incorporate crazy colors and textures, but also includes a clever pun to draw attention to the rainbow hair glued on Abraham Lincoln.

Meyers’ glitzy door features a checkerboard pattern made with sparkly craft paper. It also makes a clever reference to one of the school’s most popular cheers.

Hinton’s ad room door pays homage to a childhood favorite, the “Backyardigans.” It showcases cutouts of the show’s main characters as well as baby pictures from some of the students.

Windish’s ad room features a life-size Abraham Lincoln, appropriately dressed in LHS spirit wear and of course, a top hat.

Ferry’s ad room door design is laid out on a clean white background with LHS in big block letters. It also features a 3-D element, a confetti horn spewing out pieces of confetti and the words “let’s go!”

Dykstra’s door has a very well-thought-out theme with impressive artwork. It also includes LHS’ signature colors and bubble letters.

Tolk’s ad room focused on the football aspect of Homecoming, displaying a football stadium complete with players and lights. The students also used streamers and stars to further decorate the door.