Listen up, let’s talk podcasts

There are plenty of places to reach your favorite podcast, Apple Podcasts is one of them.


There are plenty of places to reach your favorite podcast, Apple Podcasts is one of them.

Kate Tollinger, Staff Writer

Podcasts seem to be on the upward trend right now. Several of my favorite YouTubers have started their very own podcasts in the past year or so. Influencers are constantly finding new ways to connect with their fans and podcasts allow them to do just that. For me, podcasts don’t top a good playlist, nor do I think they ever will, but I do find myself enjoying them once in a while when they give advice, tell funny stories or when the host just simply shares about their life. I hardly ever find time to just sit down and listen to podcasts but when I do these three are my go-to’s. 


“Anything Goes” with Emma Chamberlain

Emma Chamberlain is one of the biggest influencers in the world. With 10.7 million subscribers on YouTube, you could almost guarantee that people would want to listen to her podcasts, including myself. One of her most recent episodes titled “back to school” is definitely a very relatable episode for someone like me. I recommend a listen. Chamberlain gives opinions and advice she wishes someone would have told her about school. In the episode Chamberlain said, “look at it as a life experience rather than a grind to the finish line, you might find yourself enjoying it more.” This episode really just dives into all aspects about school.  


“Pretty Basic” with Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz

Two YouTube best friends, Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz started this podcast a few years ago and has been growing ever since. Marie and Cruz are constantly discussing the latest drama or rambling about life stories. Pretty Basic recently uploaded an episode titled “Finally Getting Canceled.” They discuss Cruz’s recent YouTube upload and how her new cooking show is coming along. They also talk about the “waking up at 5am” trend. Both of them filmed them doing it for their YouTube channels and they talked about how they surprisingly enjoyed it. Marie and Cruz are two people that make anything engaging and make you want to keep listening.


“Unsolicited Advice” with Ashley and Taryne

This podcast is very uplifting and gives great advice about anything. It’s hosted by two roommates, Ashley Nicole and Taryne Renee, who both have YouTube channels. Their most recent episode, “Regrets, Rationalizations, & Reality ” talks about facing reality and figuring out how to get over it. They dive into deep topics and give their honest advice or thoughts on a variety of issues. This podcast is sometimes funny and uplifting, but also deals with more mature topics. 


These three podcasts are great listens while cleaning, on a walk or even before school when you are bored while sitting in your car.  Whether you are interested in self empowerment topics or mystery topics, there is a podcast for everyone.