Presidents Bowl purple out


Betzi Plucker

The LHS sideline cheer team poses in front of the sea of purple at the 2021 Presidents Bowl.

Lydia Sarbacker, Staff Writer

This year, instead of carrying out the time-old tradition of the classic white-out for our Presidents Bowl game, a group of kindhearted seniors decided on a twist for the theme, supporting a very good cause. 

On the afternoon of Sept. 2, 2021, a Harrisburg student was found dead after disappearing from school that Friday, an incredibly tragic incident the police ruled a suicide. Immediately, shock waves were sent through both Harrisburg and the surrounding schools of the students passing. In honor of the life lost, HHS decided to change their theme for the upcoming football game to a purple out, the color symbolizing suicide awareness. LHS then decided to step up and do so by also making a change in this year’s Presidents Bowl theme in hopes to spread awareness for suicide prevention as well as stand with the Harrisburg community in their time of grief and mourning.

Senior Logan Stockberger took charge of the courageous idea, sparking the plan to hand out purple shirts to the entire student body at the game, making it so no one had to worry about fitting the theme. The Stockberger family generously ordered upwards of 400 shirts to be handed out to the classes at the game, donating both their time and money in support of the cause.

 “I wanted to show all the students at Lincoln that are feeling alone that they’re in fact not alone and that everyone is here for them,” said Stockberger. 

Students helped Stockberger before the game began, throwing and passing out shirts to every LHS kid they saw. The purple shirts provided a way to band together as one fighting such a detrimental issue facing our generation. 

The past few weeks proved to be extremely difficult, both for HHS students and families. This called for a time of uniting schools, straying away from the intense rivalry normally seen at your average football game. A sea of purple on both sides of the field, in remembrance for those that have lost their lives to suicide as well as support all of the family and friends that have tragically lost loved ones. 

Together the students of LHS wanted to unify with the rivals in their time of healing, remembering the victims of suicide and the student that recently passed.  In conjunction the teams pushed for awareness surrounding the subject, calling for more attention surrounding the difficult topic of suicide in order to prevent more losses. The two schools unanimously decided this cause was far more important than any old tradition and showed out, representing their schools with grace.