The factual hype behind Celsius energy drinks


Raina Marty

Celsius has been around since 2005, but has taken a recent spike in the past year.

Raina Marty, Staff Writer

Two billion cups of coffee are consumed each day around the world. Yet the boring brown substance is not always a teenager’s go-to drink. With one sip of this bubbly liquid, shooting down the throat, traveling throughout their body, teenagers tend to choose Celsius to give them a boost as they go through their day.

Compared to most energy drinks, Celsius has caffeine, yet not quite as much as another favorite, Bang energy drink, with 300 mg of caffeine. That is not the only reason why Celsius is different and actually better for you than other caffeinated drinks. Celsius’ company website says they “stand out against other brands” because their drinks are made with ginger and green tea along with considerably healthy ingredients with vitamins added and no sugar. 

Celsius is said to help boost metabolism and burn more calories. The proof is inside the drink as it contains guarana and taurine, for example. According to HealthLine, guarana is a source of caffeine that actually helps weight loss and digestion while taurine is an amino acid. That may sound scary but amino acids are also found in fish and dairy products like milk, according to HealthDigest. Taurine is believed to “support heart health and ward against diabetes.” 

According to the company’s website, six published university studies have been conducted on Celsius by the U.S. “Each one of these studies showed that Celsius has thermogenic properties,” said Celsius.

Thermogenesis is the process of increasing the production of heat in your body to raise your metabolism and boost your heart rate. The more you increase your body temperature, the more calories you burn and faster. Celsius just does that for you. Having more thermogenics in your body reduces your appetite and raises energy levels, which is why it is also marked for weight loss. With Celsius, you can drink one or two a day with positive effects on your body and health.

“I enjoy the flavor and it gives me the energy I need for the day. I think it’s healthier than most energy drinks because Celsius doesn’t have artificial sugars; it has a lot of vitamins instead,” said James Jarovski, chemistry teacher and head track coach at LHS.